The Deep Purple Member Ritchie Blackmore Gave An Ultimatum To Pull Himself Together Or He’d Leave


For a successful and prolific career, a person must choose their workmates, bosses, and the place where they will work to be more careful about the future problems caused by the difficulties with one of them. The same advice applies to musicians who want to be part of a band that can change their whole journey in the music industry. Therefore choosing the right bandmate to work with is vital for the artists.

Considering the break up of legendary bands like The Beatles, Oasis, The Police, and many more due to creative and personal differences between the band members, the importance of these choices can be seen clearly. Even though some figured out their problems and reunited after a while, some groups split for good. Like these bands, Ritchie Blackmore had tumultuous times with Deep Purple, especially with one of its members.

Which Deep Purple Member Was Warned By Ritchie Blackmore?


Deep Purple released their ninth studio album entitled ‘Stormbringer’ on December 10, 1974, and it was the beginning of significant creative differences between the band members. Their guitarist Ritchie Blackmore didn’t like the band’s funky soul, so he parted ways in 1975 and founded Rainbow with Elf’s Ronnie James Dio. A short time later, Deep Purple disbanded, and the classic Mark II line-up, Gillan, Lord, Blackmore, Glover, and Paice, decided to reunite in 1984.

Unfortunately, the problems started to arise again while working on the band’s fourteenth studio album ‘The Battle Rages On…,’ released on July 19, 1993. It got critical acclaim and became popular among Deep Purple fans and rock music lovers, but the guitarist was discontent with the non-melodic element in the record. Therefore, it’s known as Blackmore’s last studio album with the band, and the musician stated that he had his reasons to leave during an interview.

The main reason why he left was Ian Gillan’s reckless’ behaviors during the creation process of their album and concerts. He kept forgetting the lyrics, and he partied too much, probably referring to consuming alcohol and other substance excessively, which affected his vocal performances. Thus, Blackmore couldn’t stand it more and gave an ultimatum to the lead singer, stating that he had to focus on his duties as a band member.

Here’s what the reporter asked:

“You performed with Purple in the ’90s, too, but left again in 1994. Why did you quit again?”

Blackmore responded:

“I couldn’t work with Gillan. I didn’t feel he was taking it seriously. He forgot words every night, partied in general, and blew his voice out. ‘I feel partying is great, but not at the expense of losing your voice.’ I said, ‘I’ll give you six weeks,’ and then they said, ‘Well, we’ll have to break up.’ I said, ‘You don’t have to break up. I’ll stay and do the rest of the tour, and then you can get another guitar player and carry on.’ After I left, they got Joe Satriani, but something went down with Joe that he didn’t like. So he left.”

Eventually, Gillian didn’t want to change his lifestyle, so Blackmore left the band. The guitarist gave them time to find a new guitar player for their tour to promote ‘The Battle Rages On…’ Blackmore couldn’t work with Gillian in the end, which caused his departure eventually. The remaining band members recruited the famous guitarist Joe Satriani to replace him.