Jimmy Page’s Concern About A Jeff Beck Song


In the music world, it is possible to see similarities between musicians’ singing styles, tone of voice, and the melodies they create. Furthermore, their audiences may witness the musicians using the same title for the songs or albums without being unaware. For instance, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen once came up with the same title for their songs ‘High Hopes.’ Two other notable names, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck, experienced a similar situation.

Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page has impacted the rock scene with his distinctive guitar riffs. On the other hand, Jeff Beck significantly influenced rock music with his innovative sound combined with several genres like jazz, blues rock, and electronica. The singular resemblance between the pair is not only that they are very successful but also that they made the same song, and Page had concerns about sharing an identical piece.

What Did Jimmy Page Say Upon Having The Same Song With Jeff Beck?


Jeff Beck announced his and his side band’s name to the rock world with his debut album, ‘Truth,’ released in 1968. The album that gained considerable success included the songs like ‘Shapes of Things’ and ‘Morning Dew.’ Also, blues artist Muddy Waters’ 1962 piece ‘You Shook Me,’ considered the most successful blues song, was on the tracklist.

The following year, Led Zeppelin’s self-titled debut album emerged and earned immediate commercial success. The songs such as ‘Good Times Bad Times’ and ‘Dazed and Confused’ received massive reputation by reaching high places on the charts. Surprisingly, the album’s tracklist included the same song, ‘You Shook Me,’ as Jeff Beck’s record.

Jimmy Page shared in a conversation with Louder Sound that they had similarities in their first albums with Jeff Beck as they came from the same root regarding musicality. However, the resemblance was unintentional. As Page revealed, he realized later that Beck made the same song for their debut album. The guitarist stated that he was startled they would sound the same in this song though the pair did not know they made the same song for their albums.

The explanation Jimmy Page made about recording the same song as Jeff Beck:

“You’ve got to understand that Beck and I came from the same roots. The fact that our first albums were akin was true, but not necessarily in keeping an eye on each other. If you come up in the same roots, you’ve got things you like and want to do them. To the horrifying point where we’d done our LP and done ‘You Shook Me,’ and I’d heard he’d done ‘You Shook Me.’ I was terrified that they were going to be the same. And I didn’t know he’d done it, and he didn’t know we’d done it.”

Consequently, Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck released ‘You Shook Me’ in their debut albums without knowing they both recorded it simultaneously. Page was concerned that they would sound the same in this track because they came from the same roots as Beck. However, the pair created unique melodies different from each other in this song by reflecting their distinctive styles.

You can listen to the songs below.