The Criticism About Aerosmith That Hurt Steven Tyler’s Feelings

The Rolling Stones members have been hitting the rock stage with their best-selling records and live performances since their first appearance in 1962. The band’s first stable lineup included Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, and Charlie Watts, but Wyman and Jones didn’t stay in the band for long. Their musical style contributed a lot to the British Invasion movement in the USA.

Less than a decade later, Aerosmith, which would become one of the most popular and commercially successful bands in the world, began creating and performing. Their hard rock sound featuring elements from pop rock, heavy metal, glam metal, and blues brought them fame and popularity in a short time. Still, they couldn’t prevent receiving some criticism, and their music was generally compared to the Rolling Stones.

Steven Tyler’s Reaction To The Harsh Comments About Aerosmith

Aerosmith’s most significant influences were the Beatles, the Yardbirds, Led Zeppelin, the New York Dolls, and the Rolling Stones. Even though none of the band members denied their effect on them, especially the frontman Steven Tyler, some people accused them of copying and stealing from the Rolling Stones. The band’s drummer Joey Kramer responded to these claims in 2017 while speaking to Classic Rock, saying they were better than the band.

Kramer highlighted that no other band could be as good as Aerosmith at playing live, and the iconic rock band has never offered him anything to admire musically. A few years before, his bandmate, Steven Tyler, shared his ideas about these constant comparisons and criticism of their originality. During his interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, the vocalist stated they always continued to make music and share it despite what people said.

Tyler admitted that Aerosmith being described as ‘the cheap imitation of the Rolling Stones’ has never ended, and this hurt him at the beginning of their musical journey. The frontman revealed that it was easy to use an influential person like Mick Jagger, who had a unique style, to attack another artist. According to Tyler, the music journalists wrote articles about this issue as soon as they found a resemblance between Jagger and others.

Tyler stated in his interview the following:

“They feel really good. But we’ve always just played our music and haven’t given a shit. Still, ‘the cheap imitation of the Rolling Stones’ criticism was constant. It hurt for the first couple of years. It was constantly Mick Jagger this and Mick Jagger that – that I copied him, and Janis Joplin too. Mick was the cheapest, easiest shot. ‘Well, he looks like him, so let’s write about that.'”

Previously the singer had shown his admiration and respect for the Rolling Stones by making a list of his favorite songs from the band, which consisted of ‘Something Happened To Me Yesterday,’ ‘Hot Stuff,’ ‘Memory Motel, ‘The Spider And The Fly,’ and others. He revealed that ‘The Spider And The Fly’ from ‘Out of Our Heads’ inspired him to write some lyrics, so it seems that Tyler didn’t care about this criticism anymore and focused on praising good music.