Hayley Williams Uses A Controversial Metallica Album To Mock A Paramore Album

Paramore recently celebrated their 12th anniversary of the release of their album ‘Brand New Eyes.’ The band tweeted that they were angry at each other 12 years ago, and Hayley Williams resembled ‘Brand New Eyes’ to Metallica’s ‘Some Kind of Monster’ from their album ‘St.Anger.’

Metallica released their album ‘St.Anger’ in June 2003, which was not very successful. ‘St.Anger’ was soon forgotten because the band stopped adding its track on their setlist, as most songs are over seven minutes.

The album’s creation process was shown in the biopic ‘Some Kind of Monster’ in 2004. The documentary shows the tense relationship between the band members and some turmoils that caused them to produce an unsuccessful album compared to their previous ones.

Apparently, Paramore also went through such a period while creating ‘Brand New Eyes.’ The 2009 album was written by Hayley Williams and Josh Farro, who had just broken up from a romantic relationship with each other, which was challenging as the duo still had to work together.

The turmoil between them was highly reflected in the lyrics and brought commercial success to the band, and Paramore gained more fame with the song ‘The Only Exception.’ A year after the release of the album, Josh Farro quit the band.

Here is what Paramore tweeted:

“12 years ago today, we were obviously mad as hell at each other. Thank y’all for the grace.”

Hayley replied:

“This was our ‘Some Kind of Monster'”

Every band goes through hard times, but ‘Brand New Eyes’s success was much higher than Metallica’s ‘St.Anger’ album. The fans commented under Hayley’s tweets with memes indicating how much they enjoyed listening to the songs while the band members were fighting.

You can see the band’s and Hayley’s tweets below.