Dave Grohl Opens Up About The ‘Kurt Cobain Part’ Of His Book

Dave Grohl’s memoir ‘The Storyteller’ was finally released a couple of days ago. In this book, Grohl shared some memories from his life and career in the format of short stories. In a recent interview on CNN, he stated that it was difficult for him to write about Kurt Cobain; hence he wrote that chapter last.

Losing his bandmate and close friend Kurt Cobain put Grohl in a challenging and heartbreaking situation in the ’90s. However, Dave managed to stand up tall and form Foo Fighters and continue where he left off. However, even after establishing a successful career with Foo Fighters, Grohl struggled to get over Cobain’s passing.

In his latest book ‘The Storyteller,’ his fans can read about some of the events in his life and get a glimpse of the feelings he experienced during hard times. The chapter that many fans were looking forward to was about Kurt Cobain. Nirvana fans are still interested in the events related to Cobain’s life and his relationship with his bandmates.

However, as it turns out, Grohl didn’t write that chapter until he finished everything else because he was afraid. Because he wanted to write about the feelings of loss and heartbreak he went through after his death, he never felt ready to expose himself that much. Finally, he had to lock himself in for two days and power through it.

Here is why Dave Grohl left that chapter to the last:

“I was scared to write it. The book is written in short story format. They’re little glimpses of different times of my life. I knew that that was a really important part of the story, but I also sort of knew what people expect from me or what they wanted me to write. Rather than writing something that was logistical or practical, I wanted to write more about loss and hurting.

It’s like to process grief and how everyone does it differently, and you sort of do it differently for each person. It was the last thing I wrote because I was afraid to open up that much, and I finally locked the door and spent two days letting it all out.”

You can watch the entire CNN interview below.