The Cream Song Eric Clapton Got Help From George Harrison For

In a competitive industry like music, it’s tough to remain friends due to the record label’s pressures and endless war of ego among the musicians. Many artists are being constantly pushed to beat one another’s success and popularity to gain more money and fame. The rock world can be a place where even the bandmates verbally and physically attack each other.

This competition and rivalry caused serious departures and breakups, but two legendary musicians didn’t let that happen over the years. The Beatles’ guitarist George Harrison and Cream icon Eric Clapton preserved their longtime friendship despite various personal problems, struggles, and hard times that they went through over the years. The pair didn’t only spend their time together but helped each other with their music.

George Harrison And Eric Clapton’s Longtime Friendship

When Eric Clapton was a Yardbirds member, the iconic guitarist met The Beatles members while playing for the Fab Four’s Christmas Show at London’s Hammersmith Odeon as a supporting act during the ’60s. Since then, Clapton had a strong connection with the band members, which lasted for years, especially he became closer with George Harrison. They teamed up with each other on Beatles and solo projects along with their friendship.

Clapton and Harrison’s relationship didn’t end even after Clapton tied the knot with Harrison’s ex-wife Pattie Boyd who inspired him to write ‘Something,’ ‘Layla,’ and ‘Wonderful Tonight.’ The Yardbirds icon helped Harrison anonymously while working on a Beatles song entitled ‘While My Guitar Gently Weep.’ Later, Clapton and Harrison kept contributing to each other’s work since it wasn’t their only collaboration.

The Story Of Cream’s ‘Badge’

The power trio, bassist Jack Bruce, guitarist Eric Clapton, and drummer Ginger Baker’s band Cream released their fourth and final studio album ‘Goodbye’ on February 5, 1969. Even though they announced their disbanding and made their fans sad and disappointed, the record got critical acclaim and became very popular. Thanks to Harrison’s collaboration with his dear friend Eric Clapton, a track drew more significant attention than the others.

Clapton and Harrison co-wrote ‘Badge,’ and the late guitarist stated that the other Cream members composed their songs, but Clapton couldn’t start yet in one of his previous interviews. In addition, Harrison told a hilarious story about the track, which inspired them to name the song later. He stated that while he was writing lyrics, he went on to the bridge section, but Clapton read ‘Bridge’ as ‘Badge.’ Therefore, this misreading became the song’s title.

In Harrison’s words, he said:

I helped Eric write ‘Badge,’ you know. Each of them had to come up with a song for that ‘Goodbye’ Cream album, and Eric didn’t have his written. We were working across from each other. I was writing the lyrics down, and we came to the middle part, so I wrote Bridge. Eric read it upside down and cracked up laughing. ‘What’s a badge?’ he said.”

You can listen to the song below.