Ace Frehley’s Led Zeppelin Confession

KISS rose to prominence in the mid and late 1970s with the energetic stage shows and hits that are now considered classics. The band became one of the most influential acts throughout their career, with over 100 million records sold worldwide. On the other hand, Led Zeppelin came before KISS since their formation was in 1968. Their guitar-oriented and heavy sound became considered among hard rock and heavy metal ancestors.

Since the beginning of their music career, Led Zeppelin achieved significant commercial success with thriving releases. Knowing that both KISS and Led Zeppelin are essential acts in the rock music scene, it’s not surprising that they became rivals at some point. Magazines and critics compared their music, and there were debates over which band was better. Concerning this comparison, Ace Frehley had something to say.

Ace Frehley Argued Led Zeppelin Was Better Than KISS

In 2020, Ace Frehley made an appearance on the Eddie Trunk Podcast. During the conversation, Trunk asked Frehley about the comparisons between KISS and Led Zeppelin in the 1970s, questioning which band was better. He then told the Spaceman whether he remembered the rivalry between them.

As a response, Frehley stated that he doesn’t remember the rivalry, but Led Zeppelin ‘kicked their ass’ musically and in various ways. He said KISS was putting on a fantastic show back then, but Zeppelin was way better than them and everyone else in those days. According to Frehley, nobody could reach Led Zeppelin’s success.

During the interview, Eddie Trunk asked Ace Frehley the following:

“I don’t know if you remember this, but back in the ’70s, when KISS was ranked the biggest band in the world. Back in those days, there would be magazine covers that would say stuff like ‘KISS versus Zeppelin – Who’s better?’ Do you remember that stuff back then, like that sort of rivalry that existed, at least in the press?”

Frehley then responded:

“I don’t remember that rivalry, but obviously, the Zeppelin kicked our ass, hands down. I mean, musically and all that. We were more of putting on a big show, but Zeppelin musically kicked not only our asses but everybody else’s in those days. Nobody could come close to Led Zeppelin.”

So, although KISS was pretty successful with their music and stage shows, Ace Frehley believed that Led Zeppelin was the best music act of the 1970s. It remains unknown whether his former KISS bandmates think the same, but Frehley made up his mind on Led Zeppelin’s excellence.