Brian Johnson Explains Why He Had To Pretend Angus Young Was There While Shooting ‘Witch’s Spell’ Video

Lead singer of the band AC/DC, Brian Johnson explained the reason he felt the need to pretend as if Angus Young was there during the shooting of the music video for ‘Witch’s Spell’ during an interview posted on AC/DC’s YouTube channel.

Following their hiatus, AC/DC saw the return of Brian Johnson, Phill Rudd, and Cliff Williams to the band along with Angus and Stevie Young on September 30, 2020. Their latest album, ‘Power Up’ was released on November 13, 2020, following the reunion. The band then released the first single from the album ‘Shot In The Dark’ and announced that they have dedicated this record to Malcolm Young.

Following the music videos of three tracks, the band released the video of ‘Witch’s Spell’ on June 9, 2020. Like the previous music videos, ‘Witch’s Spell’ consisted of footage from AC/DC’s live performances alongside animation by Wolf&Crow. Following that, the band released a special 12-inch picture disc dedicated to the track.

The band recently posted a video on their YouTube channel about the making of the ‘Witch’s Spell’ video. In the video, Brian Johnson explained why he had to know where Angus Young was and pretend that he was there. It should be noted that, as they were in different places around the world when they shot the music videos for ‘Realize’ and ‘Witch’s Spell,’ the individual footages were later combined.

Brian Johnson said in the video that during the shooting process, he needed to know where other band members were and pretend they were there. He then said he knew exactly where Angus was, and exactly where Cliff and Stevie were. For him, the reason he could easily do that is that they have been together for forty years.

In the video, Brian Johnson’s statements were:

“There was a strange kind of thing that we were doing. You can’t move too far left, or you can’t move too far right. You can’t get too far back because of the 360° camera, but as soon as the music started, I started miming, which I fucking hate, you know, I usually end up singing it.

I knew exactly where Angus was. In here, you know. I knew exactly where Cliff was, exactly where Stevie was. I know that sounds crazy, but this was the way when we recorded it, when we get on the stage, and when we were in Holland. You know where exactly where everybody is for years and years.”

Check out the official music video of ‘Witch’s Spell’ by AC/DC and the interview below.