The Country Singer That Jimmy Page Scraped Money To See

Jimmy Page has come to the fore in the rock scene as the founder of Led Zeppelin and an innovative guitar player. He has become an icon due to creating guitar riffs characterized by aggressive and distorted tones. He improved his style with various techniques and influences, including folk, and played in several bands, the most popular being the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin.

Page’s interest in music grew when he was a child, especially after getting his first guitar. Scotty Moore, James Burton, and Elvis Presley inspired him the most while he was learning to play by himself. He had a diverse music taste, including skiffle, acoustic folk, and blues.

When he was fourteen, Malcolm Austin and Whirlwinds became one of Jimmy Page’s first band experiences in which they played Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry’s songs. Although the band’s career was short-lived, playing Lewis’ songs became an unforgettable experience for him. He later revealed that he looked up to the musician so much during his youth that he even saved money for his concert.

Jimmy Page Saved Money To See Jerry Lee Lewis Live

Jerry Lee Lewis has been defined as the rock and roll genre’s great wild man besides being named among the most influential pianists of the 20th century. After achieving success with his 1957 hit titled ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On,’ Lewis his name spread all over the world. His popularity continued with the following hits such as ‘Breathless’ and ‘Great Balls of Fire.’ Ultimately, he turned into a musician who became an inspiration for upcoming artists, and Jimmy Page is one of them.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist shared his memory about Jerry Lee Lewis on his Facebook account two years ago. He mentioned that Lewis had hit the road for his tour in the UK but had had to cancel due to some issues he had faced. As he revealed, he could not go to the pianist’s first concert because he did not have enough money. Later, Jimmy Page saved money and attended Jerry Lee Lewis’ next show in Mitcham. Page stated that he experienced an unforgettable moment that night.

The Zeppelin icon wrote the following on IG:

“In 1958, Jerry Lee Lewis toured for the first time in the UK. He had to cancel the tour and leave due to the newspapers’ treatment of him. On May 14th, 1962, he’d returned to England and played a date at the Majestic in Mitcham. I had no money to see him the first time around but scraped up enough money to go and see his comeback at Mitcham. It really was the most extraordinary evening. It felt really tribal: with all the diehard lovers of rock’n’roll paying homage to The Maestro.”

According to Page, Jerry Lee Lewis had so much passion for the music he created that it made him famous immediately in the late ’50s. He mentioned that the audience was extremely excited when the rocker called his wife to the stage during the concert. Page noted that Lewis was so unique in his playing that just hearing a few bars was enough to figure out who he was, as it was for Chuck Berry.

Jimmy Page continued:

“It would have been easy to assume that Jerry Lee would have a sour taste for playing in the UK after his untimely exit in ’58, but he played with so much conviction and passion for what he, and only he, could do best: which was to be Jerry Lee Lewis.

At the end of the show, Jerry Lee Lewis brought his wife on the stage, and the enthusiasm from the audience could have literally brought the ceiling down. The technique of Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano throughout his career has been something that was so individual and unequaled; like Chuck Berry, you don’t need to hear too many bars to know who it is that’s playing.”

In the ’60s, Jerry Lee Lewis released the album entitled ‘Live at the Star Club, Hamburg,’ which was described as one of the wildest live rock albums. Then he embraced country music and released hit songs like ‘Another Place, Another Time.’ In the late ’60s and ’70s, his tracks topped the country-western charts with the songs like ‘Me and Bobby McGee.’