Priscilla Presley Celebrates Lisa Marie’s Birthday Amid Legal Battle

Priscilla Presley had recently clarified what we might call her ‘dissatisfaction’ by filing a lawsuit against her daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, outing her as a co-trustee a few years ago. However, even amid the legal battle, Priscilla wanted to celebrate her late daughter’s birthday on Instagram by writing an emotional tribute note and sharing some sweet pictures.

So, Lisa Marie had named two co-trustees, her mother, Priscilla, and a former business partner, Barry Siegel, while signing off some legal papers regarding her trust. However, six years after that initial sign-off, the late Presley changed her mind and named her two adult children, Riley and Ben Keough, as her trustees.

To redeem her place as a co-trustee, Priscilla had filed for a lawsuit; however, it might be fair to say that Priscilla received a bit of a backslash as she was now battling with her granddaughter, Riley, who became the only trustee of Lisa Marie’s estate, which included Elvis’ Graceland property and fifteen percent ownership of the rock icon’s estate, after losing her brother Ben to suicide almost three years ago.

So in her birthday note, Priscilla somewhat addressed this ‘legal family feud’ against her granddaughter as she wanted to make it clear how much she missed her daughter. Her top priority was now to respect Lisa Marie’s legacy by protecting her three grandchildren and keeping their family together at all costs.

Presley also emphasized that it was tough to learn to live without Lisa’s presence, as all she ever wished to do for her daughter was to love, protect and guide her in this troubling world. She then thanked everyone who sympathized with the Presley family and their loss and prayed for them.

Priscilla’s tribute for Lisa Marie’s birthday stated the following:

“Today would have been Lisa’s 55th birthday. My wish is to protect my three grandchildren and keep our family together. From the first moment I held Lisa in my arms, I’ve protected, loved, and guided her as I have my son. Our hearts are broken, and I am having to learn to live without my only daughter. We truly love all of you, and we feel your prayers. Thank you so much for caring so deeply for our family.”

Well, it’s not uncommon to witness families falling apart because of conflicts, disputes, and disagreements due to money-related issues, such as when Johnny Cash’s family bid against each other about who should be getting the late singer’s trust. However, Priscilla wanted to dissipate all the dark clouds regarding a possible family feud and her bid against her granddaughter, Riley, by celebrating Lisa’s birthday.

Photo Credit: Priscilla Presley – Instagram