The Chris Cornell Song Dedicated To The Tragic End Of Jeff Buckley

Another young star who could have become the next Bob Dylan or Johnny Cash left the world too soon after his tragic death. Jeff Buckley had started a promising career in the music industry that fans and labels quickly jumped on, but the singer’s life was cut too short after a devastating accident that cost him his life.

The youngster who was striving for exposure signed to Colombia records to follow in the footsteps of his influences, and although it took quite a long time to perfect his debut album, Buckley was finally able to release ‘Grace.’ The singer even went on tour to promote the album.

Three years after his debut album had come out, Buckley decided to work on his sophomore album. In the process, he moved to Memphis. He liked the lowkey lifestyle and being far away from New York, where people recognized him. However, not everything went smooth sailing as the singer was in debt because it had cost a lot to make his debut album, and he hadn’t released new material in three years. While financially struggling, he was also not vibing with anything he was creating musically.

On the night of the tragic accident that cost him his life, the singer was waiting with a friend for his bandmates to come so they could continue recording in Memphis. While waiting for them, Buckley decided to go for a swim, fully dressed in boots, in the Mississippi River, which wasn’t the typical place for anyone to go swimming, but he liked to live his life to the fullest.

Buckley put on Led Zeppelin’s ‘Whole Lotta Love and went for a dive while singing the chorus. When his friend arrived, he realized Buckley was nowhere to be seen. The rescue team came running to start looking for his body but couldn’t find him until six days later, thanks to a riverboat passenger. He had gotten caught up in the passing boat’s wake and had drowned, and the reports clarified that it was accidental drowning, with no traces of alcohol or drugs.

Jeff Buckley’s tragic end was a shock to everyone. To continue his legacy, one of his influences and friends, Chris Cornell, completed Buckley’s recordings and released ‘Sketches.’ This wasn’t the only time Cornell honored the late singer; he also wrote a song called ‘Wave Goodbye’ to share his thoughts about losing his dear friend after the tragic accident took him away too soon. Although Cornell also passed before his time, his genuine willingness to do right by his friend was appreciated and praised by many.