Vincent Dennis Speaks About What It Was Like To Work With Prince


In a recent interview made by Ultimate Guitar with Vincent Dennis, the guitar tech with a successful career and a working with a long list of famous musicians, Vincent has talked about his time working with Prince, and what those times felt like for him.

Also appearing as the band member of Steel Prophet, and currently the bassist of the band Body Count, Vincent Dennis is a musician who worked with famous artists throughout his career as a guitar tech. His band Body Count has even won a Grammy recently, and he appears to spend his time with other artists he is working with, at any time possible when Body Count is not touring or working on new projects.

At one point during Ultimate Guitar’s interview, Vincent was asked to comment upon Prince’s gig in which he was working with Takumi, the other guitar tech. As an answer, he has said on working with Prince that it was a great experience and had a great impact on his way of thinking about music in aspects of songwriting, recording, playing with other artists, and the gear. Moreover, Vincent considered what is cool as Prince’s private parties and the gigs after a performance. He then added his favorite memory with Prince, recalling the time when he said to Vincent that he wanted purple-colored pyramid-shaped guitar cabs.

Vincent said in the interview that:

“Working for Prince was a great experience and also had a big impact on my way of thinking about music. I mean songwriting, recording, playing with other musicians, gear. The cool thing was his private parties and his after-show gigs that lasted until the sun came up.”

Considering his favorite moments with Prince, he then added:

“Wow, there were so many of them! But the one I will tell you about is that one time he pulled me to the side and said, ‘Vince, I want some pyramid-shaped guitar cabs” and I said, “okay, what color?” and of course he replied, ‘Purple’. Mind you, this was way before Jamie’s 3rd Power amps and cabs.”

Working with an almost uncountable amount of artists, Vincent Dennis is one of the greatest guitar techs alive. Apart from Ariana Grande, Queens of the Stone Age, Richie Sambora, Soundgarden, Steve Vai, Engine, Fates Warning, Gavin Rossdale, Halford, Hypocrisy, Ice-T, Katy Perry, and many, Vincent seems to appreciate the time he spent with Prince who is known for being really particular about his demands.