The Band Chester Bennington Believed Deserved More Success Than Linkin Park

Now let’s imagine we’re watching a movie. The camera pans across a dimly lit backstage area, the muffled sound of a crowd in the distance. A group of musicians huddles together, talking in hushed tones. Suddenly, one of them breaks away from the group and sits down on a nearby couch, staring off into the distance with a thoughtful expression.

He lets out a sigh and begins to speak; his voice tinged with a hint of frustration and disappointment. “You know, in this business, it’s all about luck. You could have all the talent in the world, but if the stars don’t align, you’re screwed.” He shakes his head, his eyes still fixed on the unseen horizon, “It’s not fair,” he says, lowering his voice. The camera lingers on his contemplative face as the sound of the crowd grows louder, signaling that it’s time for him to take the stage.

Sounds like a pretty heroic speech, doesn’t it? One that could only happen in movies. Well, these were Chester Bennington’s words. That was the mindset the late vocalist had throughout his early career, even after he hit the jackpot with Linkin Park. However, the opportunity didn’t land on his lap as he had to keep putting in the work and pursue music until he found other musicians he clicked with to gather a band.

Before debuting in the rock scene, the band members gave a few years of non-stop work to be finally recognized and signed by Warner Bros. It took so much persistence and perseverance to even get through the door, but it was all worth it in the end as they created something that everyone wanted to jump on and be a part of.

However, Bennington always recognized that even if you put in the work and didn’t give up, there was still the chance that you wouldn’t make it in the music business, so he had no timelines or predictions for the future. The vocalist even shared in an interview with Revolver in 2001 that he had the lowest of low expectations.

The late frontman explained, “No, I never tried to think about that. In this business, you will always be let down if you ever have any expectations. So I don’t expect anything. And that’s why everything’s been so great! Everything has happened extremely fast. Compared to some bands, we didn’t put our dues in.”

Bennington then discussed that they were lucky, but there was a band that couldn’t receive the amount of attention they actually deserved. He continued, “You look at a band like Hed PE, who has put more than their fair share of work in and deserves worldwide recognition. They’re a great live act, make good albums, and are awesome. They’re not an easy act to open for or follow. But for some reason, it hasn’t happened for them like it’s happened for us.”

In his eyes, Hed PE was no different from them, but the band couldn’t stand out from the bunch and get to their level of success. The rocker explained, “There’s no explanation for that. We don’t have any control over that. It’s just the way things go. You throw the cards in the air, and they fall as they may.”

It is about the luck of the draw, after all! Whether you make it big or accept that it’s not going to happen for you in the industry is a hard pill to swallow for any band that wants to make it in the scene. We should consider ourselves lucky that Linkin Park rose among many other talented acts who shared a similar dream of delivering their music to the world, so we got to be a part of their journey.