Steve Vai Reveals Who David Lee Roth Has Always Depended On

Steve Vai recently joined an interview with Vintage Rock Pod and disclosed who David Lee Roth always relied upon for support.

Reflecting on their collaborative process, the guitarist explained:

“Dave obviously depended on his band to come to him with music that he could then approve or disapprove, and then the stuff he liked, he’d write lyrics and melodies to. So, yeah, that was fantastic because not only did I have the freedom to play anything I really wanted, I had to push myself to go beyond my own vision.”

Before that, he also discussed their dynamic and creative synergy, saying:

“We kind of resonated well because he has kind of a bizarre sense of quirky humor, and so do I. You know, we’re both kind of kooky in a way, so it worked.”

Vai elaborated on their collaboration, stating:

“Something like ‘Yankee Rose’ with the talking guitar; sophisticated rock stars don’t do stuff like that, I suppose. It’s just too corny, but it was substantiated by some badassery, you know, playing from the whole band. The energy that the band created, we felt indestructible.”

During the mid-1980s, the musician was a member of DLR’s virtuoso supergroup that he formed after his departure from Van Halen. Vai left the band after producing two albums with Roth. Discussing a possible reunion with the frontman last year in a chat with Eddie Trunk, Vai said:

“It’s one of those things that I don’t really entertain in my mind unless something is actually there. But, you know, Eddie, these days, I’m just really content doing the music; I’ve just kind of come to this inner decision that for the rest of the time I have here, I gotta crank out as much as the weird music that I do for those people that like it.”

You can watch the guitarist’s interview below.