The Alternative Future Of Hanoi Rocks, Assuming Razzle Is Alive

It’s up to just one moment, one decision, and one action for an entire life to change. Whether it’s a routine habit or something one has never done before, the future’s fate is in the hands of one single decision every second. It’s common to look back in time and say, ‘What if I had done it differently?’ This is no use because we cannot travel back in time, but humans inevitably tend to think this way. These regrets may cause a person to change for the better or worse.

Mötley Crüe’s Vince Neil has one of the greatest regrets of his life, probably still haunting him. What if Neil wasn’t drinking that night? Or what if he decided not to drive his new car while he was under the influence of alcohol? Even if he couldn’t change his actions, could he have encouraged Razzle and himself to wear a seatbelt? It’s not very useful to look back and ask ‘What if?’ but we still do. Today, we will look back on the life of Nicholas Razzle Dingley and the possible future of his band, Hanoi Rocks, assuming he didn’t die on that day.

How Did Razzle Die?

The passing away of Razzle is one of the most tragic stories of the rock and roll world. In late 1984, Hanoi Rocks came to Neil’s home to spend time with the Crüe and party with them. Looking back at the 1984 rock and roll scene in LA, alcohol and other substances shouldn’t have been hard to find. However, this didn’t hold Vince and Razzle from getting in a car and driving to the liquor store to get more drinks.

The two weren’t wearing seatbelts when Vince lost control and hit another vehicle. Vince survived the accident and was not physically in bad shape, but he was held responsible for Razzle’s death and two people in the other vehicle who suffered from brain damage. This marked the moment when the earlier decisions and actions caused a lot of dramatic changes in the lives ad careers of the people involved.

Hanoi Rock Had The Peak Of Their Career Before The Accident

Before the tragic accident, Hanoi Rocks had worked with Bob Ezrin, a well-known rock producer, to create their album, ‘Silver Missiles and Nightingales,’ which was previously called ‘Two Steps from the Move.’ The album was a huge success, and the tour was an even more considerable success. After continuing a Swedish tour, they moved on to tour in the United States, and the tickets to their show in Los Angeles sold out in less than half an hour.

After the death of their beloved drummer, the band returned to London and had to cancel most of their European tour dates. They only delivered the two Helsinki shows by replacing Razzle with former Clash drummer Terry Chimes which reached largeof audience of 200 million worldwide views. However, the band started to have differences from each other and began to collapse after the successful shows.

The Collapse Of Hanoi Rocks

First, their bassist Sam Yaffa quit because of differences with the band’s lead guitarist Andy McCoy. The vocalist Michael Monroe was also feeling uneasy with the band but was convinced by their record label to stay for a short tour. Later he officially quit, which became the end of the band.

The band could have continued after Razzle because some members still had it in them to continue their legacy in 2001. Monroe and McCoy decided to start performing again, but they had made it clear that it wouldn’t be a Hanoi Rocks reunion because several members, especially Razzle, were missing. His death had become a turning point for the band and a brick wall against the worldwide success Hanoi Rocks had before it all took a turn.

So, what if he had survived? What if he didn’t have to go through the accident or ride in the passenger seat of Vince’s car in the beginning? It looks like we would be talking more about Hanoi Rocks and maybe praising their future successes, which wouldn’t be surprising considering that they had good momentum just before the talented drummer’s passing.