Rick Allen Says Van Halen Was Better Than Black Sabbath At Their Prime Times

The iconic rock band, Def Leppard drummer, Rick Allen recalled the time when he watched Black Sabbath’s and Van Halen’s performances. He stated that he found Van Halen better and more effective on the show during his recent interview with Sonic Perspectives.

Along with his remarkable musical career in Def Leppard, Rick Allen has different ongoing projects in various areas. Allen and his wife Lauren Monroe founded a charity organization named Raven Drum Foundation. Since 2001, the volunteers and founders of the foundation dedicated themselves to educate and help people in need through using the healing power of music.

In addition, Rick Allen was also a very talented and successful painter. His first collection entitled including three hundred pieces of art was shared with art lovers in 2012. The collection drew great attention and was immediately sold out. Later, Allen released his second collection,

As a promotion of his latest collection, Allen talked about his artworks and recalled his memories of two legendary bands, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. After the question about his painting of late Van Halen member, Eddie Van Halen, he said that he painted it after Van Halen’s death. Later he recalled when he watched the band in 1978, in Sheffield. While he was watching the performances of Black Sabbath and Van Halen, Allen admired Van Halen’s show much more saying that they owned the concert.

Here’s what he told:

“That was after he passed. In 1978, I was in my hometown Dronfield, just outside of Sheffield and my friend Mark calls me from down the street, a rotary dial of course He says I have to come over right away. He went on to say that he has this record that I have to listen to. I go over, and he proceeds to play the Van Halen album. I was utterly blown away as I never heard guitar playing like that, nor did I ever hear a band like them.

They set the bar pretty high. A few years later, they happened to be coming through Sheffield opening for Black Sabbath, so I went to see the show. Black Sabbath were great, but Van Halen owned the show. They were so hungry at the time and so good. I could start to see the cracks appearing with Sabbath. It wasn’t how I remember some of their shows prior to that one. I moved to the states in 1991 and settled in Studio City, CA. My neighbor happens to be Steve Lukather of Toto. I come to find out he is huge friends with Eddie Van Halen.

He continued:

“One night he invites me out for a get-together and wants to introduce me to Eddie. When I met him that night, I was very star-struck. I got to meet him in a very unassuming way, and you would never think he played the guitar the way he did by talking with him. I was so excited to meet someone I looked up to for so many years. When I heard of his passing, I was devastated as well as the entire industry. It felt like it was the right thing to do and paint him to pay homage to his greatness. I can tell he was loved by his family. I painted it for him, his family, and his millions of fans. That is the history of the Legend Series; it’s to pay homage to the people I looked up to and who made me want to play music. “

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