Who Is The Richest Member Of Gojira? See Joe And Mario Duplantier’s Net Worth In 2021

The iconic heavy metal band, Gojira has been one of the most popular and influential heavy metal bands with their progressive and death metal style which explores the themes of nature and spirituality for twenty-five years. For years, The band members gained great fortune and kept increasing their financial status.

Gojira was founded by Joe Duplantier as the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist and Mario Duplantier as the drummer initially named Godzilla in 1996. After the band’s name became Gojira in 2001, Christian Andreu joined the band as the lead guitarist and Jean-Michel Labadie as the bassist. The band released their debut studio album, ‘Terra Incognita’ on March 19, 2001.

Their second studio album, ‘The Link’ was released on April 18, 2003. Gojira reached its highest popularity with their third studio album entitled ‘From Mars to Sirius’ which was released on September 27, 2005. The album took place in Rolling Stone’s list of the Top 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time. It was followed by ‘The Way of All Flesh,’ ‘L’Enfant Sauvage,’ ‘Magma,’ and ‘Fortitude.’

Joe Duplantier Net Worth Estimated $1 Million – $5 Million

Joe Duplantier is the co-founder and is currently the richest member of Gojira along with his brother, Mario Duplantier. Joe Duplantier founded his first band named Eclipse when he was in high school. Then he formed P4 which made him famous for his composing skills. However, his music career got even more serious when he founded Godzilla with his brother, whose name later changed to Gojira.

After Christian Andreu and Jean-Michel Labadie joined the band in 1996, they wrote their first song, ‘Victim.’ Gojira released their debut studio album, ‘Terra Incognita’ in 2001. Joe Duplantier also formed another band with his brother which was called Empalot and performed in different tours between the years 1999 and 2004. Joe was also the former bassist of Cavalera Conspiracy. Considering his remarkable career in different bands, Joe Duplantier’s fortune is not a surprise.

Mario Duplatier Net Worth Estimated $1 Million – $5 Million

Mario Duplantier is the drummer and also the richest member of Gojira sharing the title with his brother Joe. Mario started playing drums at the age of 11. His interest in music began at a very early age and he discovered his life purpose in his childhood. He was the co-founder of the band along with his brother, Joe Duplantier with whom he also co-founded Empalot. But Empalot went into hiatus due to the rise of Gojira’s popularity.

Mario attended Dante Agostini’s school of drums and he was drawn great attention with his own unique style of playing drums. Apart from his professional music career, Duplantier is also a very successful photographer and painter. He presented his artworks in two exhibitions named ‘Cocktail à Base De Goudron’ and ‘Cocktail à Base De Goudron edition 2.’

Christian Andreu And Jean-Michel Labadie Net Worth $1.5 Million Each

Christian Andreu and Jean-Michael Labadie are currently sharing the title of being the second richest member of Gojira with their $1.5 Million net worth each. Andreu joined Gojira as the lead guitarist along with Labadie’s being the bassist of the band. Andreu and Labadie defined their greatest influences as Metallica, Morbid Angel, Tool, and Slayer in their previous interviews. They became inseparable parts of Gojira throughout the band’s successful musical journey since the first day they joined the band.