The Aerosmith Riff Steven Tyler Inspired By The Yardbirds

The Yardbirds is known to have kickstarted the careers of the biggest rockstars in the rock and roll industry. Three of the most influential guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck, were discovered by being a part of The Yardbirds. The band later contributed to forming Led Zeppelin after adopting the name of the New Yardbirds and many lineup changes.

Many influential rockstars cite The Yardbirds as their prime influence in the rock and roll world. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler credited the band as a significant influence on his group back in 2010. According to him, The Yardbirds are a band that everyone needs to discover and be inspired by, and Aerosmith was lucky enough to come across the band when they did. Moreover, the frontman was influenced by them for a powerful riff in their hit song.

How Did The Yardbirds Influence Steven Tyler?

‘Walk This Way’ was written by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, and it highly contributed to the band’s success. The song broke the band into commercial success in the 1970s when it was released as the second single from Aerosmith’s third studio album, ‘Toys in the Attic.’ The song became an international hit when the hip hop group Run-D.M.C covered it.

In 2010, Steven Tyler said Aerosmith experimented with The Yardbirds’ music and was inspired by them to create the riff of ‘Walk This Way.’ The band integrated the band’s blues music into the guitar riff of that song and experimented with it. The band members were more in sync, and their separate sounds also shined through their music. Hence, the frontman thinks The Yardbirds should be an example to every artist.

Tyler said about the song’s inspiration, The Yardbirds, the following:

“The shame is, I know how great the Yardbirds were. But I don’t think everyone else knows it. The Yardbirds’ music is a gold mine waiting to be stumbled upon. Aerosmith did because we grew up in that era. The riff in ‘Walk This Way’ is just us trying to explore the blues in the Yardbirds model.

What the Yardbirds did is something you don’t hear in today’s blue-plate-special, cookie-cutter music. Everything is so canned and sliced up now. This was back when a band was a band. You had all those personalities, and they were all truly playing together. And I don’t hear that today. The day of those bands, that wild stepping out is gone.”

You can listen to the ‘Walk This Way’ by Aerosmith and its Run-D.M.C cover below.