Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Says She Wants To Be Like Alice Cooper


Michael Jackson’s daughter and singer/model, Paris Jackson, shared a few pictures on and outside the stage to show her Alice Cooper illustration while mentioning her interest in being more like the iconic singer.

Besides his intense music and live shows, Alice Cooper is also known for his frightening makeup that suits his stage personality. The most noticable part of  his makeup is the big and black painting around his eyes.

Recently, Paris Jackson shared pictures of herself in which she had similar eye makeup with Alice Cooper. Although it was a little bit smaller and non-frightening version of the legend, it was clear to see that Paris influenced by the iconic frontman.

In the pictures she posted, Jackson was looking so cool, stylish, and badass at the same time. Regardless of where she was in those pictures, the talented musician managed to impress her followers. While sharing these pictures, Paris pointed out to the similarity between her makeup and Alice Cooper and stated that she really wants to be like Alice Cooper. 

Paris Jackson captioned:

“I want to be Alice Cooper so bad.”

You can check out the pictures below.

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