Paul Stanley Threatens To Expose A Hater Criticizing His Message To Peter Criss

Paul Stanley recently celebrated his former bandmate Peter Criss’ birthday on Twitter. As a reply to his tweet, he received a message from a fake account dedicated to Stanley, stating that he is a hypocrite. Stanley didn’t stay silent and threatened to expose him to his +600K followers.

KISS was formed in 1973 by Paul Stanley on vocals and guitar, Gene Simmons on vocals and bass, Ace Frehley on guitar and vocals, and Peter Criss on drums. They reached commercial success with this lineup, but Ace and Peter later left the band due to creative differences. There were reunions as the original lineup in 2003 for the Aerosmith tour, but Ace had stated that he would not return to the band permanently. After the tour, Peter was fired by Paul and Gene.

The dramatic events grabbed a lot of attention from the media and fans. People criticized Paul and Gene for ending the band because there is no KISS without Peter and Ace. Paul revealed why he fired Peter Criss in his recent book ‘Backstage Pass’ and stated that Peter was complaining all the time they were on tour together. He wanted to make a new kind of music, and he would complain about the hotel staff. Consequently, there would be negative energy surrounding Peter, which didn’t work for the band.

Paul and Gene fired him and continued KISS with only two original members. Some fans have been upset with the band ever since, and recently a fan indicated that Paul is a hypocrite for firing him, talking bad about him in his book but still celebrating his birthday on Twitter. This person was apparently a fake account, and Paul knew who owned it. The frontman stated that this person’s name is ‘Tim’ and further threatened to expose his full name, wife, and address to his followers, encouraging a witch-hunt.

Here is Paul’s birthday tweet:

“Happy Birthday Peter!! I hope your life is all you have hoped for, and here’s to many happy and healthy years ahead!”

Here is what the angry fan replied:

“Well, that’s mighty nice of you considering how you constantly bash him and in both your books as well. The one & only Catman.”

Here is how Paul threatened the angry fan:

“This is from a grown man with a family and a business who has long been a nuisance posting nonsense from ‘anonymity.’ His name is Tim B—-M. Shall we fill in the missing letters? Post his wife’s name? His cell phone number and business in Florida? Let’s see how brave Tim is now.”

Half of the comments section supported Paul and told him it’s not worth getting upset over, but some people criticized him for starting a witch-hunt. It seems like this isn’t the first time the frontman had received such comments from this person, and he was so tired of being hated on that he had to threaten him to go away.

A fan commented:

“Not worth it Paul. Ignore him. Your honesty in your books doesn’t mean you don’t like your former bandmates. Sometimes you just can’t work with people anymore, but there’s no hate. Rational people get it.”

Another fan said:

“Paul, my guy, you can’t just doxx people no matter what they do. His wife did absolutely nothing wrong to deserve her name being doxxed. I’m a huge fan but don’t stoop to his level.”

You can see the feud below.