John Lennon’s Dark Prophecy About Bruce Springsteen


The Boss, Bruce Springsteen has had a full career with a lot of success and musical accomplishments. He made a huge name for himself in a short amount of time with his dreamy looks and unique musical talents. He mainly subjected American life in his songs and was socially conscious, which also reflected upon his lyrics.

The more he grew as an artist, the more his fanbase started to get bigger and bigger. People loved him or wanted to be him, and he was seen as a God. He was also widely rewarded for his talents as he sold 150 million records worldwide. Being one of the world’s best-selling artists, he earned Grammys, Golden Globes, an Academy Award, a Tony Award, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone also placed him number 23 on their Greatest Artists of All Time list.

More talent brought more recognition, and eventually, Springsteen too like many other artists were exposed to criticism throughout the years. Some people tend to criticize him for his singing style, and even his fans sometimes tend to think he is a bit ‘overrated‘ in the industry. These are normal judgments the artists face throughout their careers, but The Beatles icon, the late John Lennon, talked about Springsteen’s fame three days before he died and made a prophecy.

What Did John Lennon Say About Bruce Springsteen?


Springsteen was around 30 years old when he had the peak of his career with E Street Band. He was enjoying the life of having any woman he wants by his side and partying in the way most rockstars do. However, according to Lennon, this was dangerous for The Boss because it’s hard to maintain such success in the later years.

In one of his final interviews, Lennon talked about the criticisms he and his wife Yoko Ono faced during their careers. However, he seemed a bit too concerned with Springsteen’s future. John stated that things might be difficult for Bruce when people decided he was no longer God.

Lennon also warned Springsteen about how his fans might turn on him when he grew older and tried to produce successful records again and again. Comparing Bruce’s possible future to his own experiences, John said that he hoped The Boss could survive all the struggles he might face. He also mentioned that he hadn’t met Bruce, and unfortunately, he never got to meet him, but he wished the singer the best for his future.

Here is what Lennon said about Springsteen:

“God help Bruce Springsteen when they decide he’s no longer God. I haven’t seen him, but I’ve heard such good things about him. Right now, his fans are happy. He has told them about being drunk and chasing girls and cars and everything, and that’s about the level they enjoy. But when he gets down to facing his own success and growing older and having to produce it again and again, they’ll turn on him, and I hope he survives it.

Currently, the 72-year-old is performing on Broadway and with E Street Band from time to time. Like many artists, he sold his entire music catalog to Sony for $500 million, which surpassed Taylor Swift and Bob Dylan, who sold them for $200. He released his latest album, ‘Letter to You,’ in 2020 and proved that his aging didn’t affect his talents as it became his 21st album to make it to the top 10 list in the US.