Dee Snider Apologizes Hanoi Rocks’ Michael Monroe For Challenging A Fistfight


Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider recently posted a tweet to apologize to Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks as he challenged them for a fistfight in the past.

Michael Monroe of Hanoi Rocks recently gave an interview to NME and recalled the time Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider challenged them to a fistfight in 1983. He stated that their guitarist Andy McCoy described Twisted Sister members as ‘truck drivers in drag’ in an interview with Kerrang!, and that pissed Snider off at that time.

According to Monroe, Snider then challenged them to a fistfight in Covent Garden. The singer said they were pretty skinny back then, so they didn’t go there to face Snider. Monroe added that Snider wandered with a loudspeaker and searched for them while looking in a trash can to see whether Monroe was there.

Monroe said he is now friends with Dee Snider, and Hanoi Rocks opened for Twisted Sister in the UK. As Monroe recalled, they even played a trick on Andy McCoy, scaring him by pretending to beat him for his previous remarks on Twisted Sister. So, it seems Snider and Monroe are on good terms now.

Here is what Michael Monroe told NME about the incident:

“That was fantastic! Kerrang! asked Andy McCoy what he thought of Twisted Sister. He said they looked like truck drivers in drag. Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider got pissed off, and they challenged us to a fistfight in Covent Garden.

We were skinny wimps living in squalor in Tooting Bec, so we’d never have gone. There was an article in Sounds magazine with Dee with a loudspeaker going: ‘Alright, Hanoi Rocks, where are you? Come out to play-ay!’ and looking in a trash can saying: ‘Michael Monroe, where are you?’”

He then continued:

“I met Dee years later: he’s smart and cool, and we’re friends now. With the new reborn Hanoi in the 2000s, we opened for Twisted Sister in the UK, and I played a trick on Andy. He was sitting backstage, and I rushed into the room with Dee saying: ‘There he is! He’s the one who called you a truck driver in drag! Come on, let’s beat him up!’ Andy was sh*tting himself for two seconds at least!”

Upon seeing this interview, Dee Snider posted a tweet to confirm that he and Michael Monroe are friends. He then apologized to Monroe, stating he was on edge back then. Snider wanted to fight because he was broke, married, and had a child at that time, and Twisted Sister had lost their record deal.

Dee Snider’s tweet read:

“Yes! Michael Monroe and I are friends now. Sorry, Mike. I was a bit on edge back then! Broke, married, kid, lost our record deal. I was itching for a fight!”

You can check out the tweet below.