The Aerosmith Member That Steven Tyler Asked For His Autograph As A Fan


When we look at the history of Aerosmith, it is seen that their story has never stopped despite all the turbulence they experienced. They came to be recognized in the rock scene with their third studio album, ‘Toys in the Attic,’ released in 1975. Their success gradually increased with the follow-up albums, but the band was also notorious for their drug and alcohol abuse problems. The tensions within the group also followed the band’s excessive drug use.

They took little breaks to solve their issues by going to rehab programs. The attention was primarily on the band’s lead singer Steven Tyler as the remaining members thought that the band’s future wouldn’t be bright without him. He eventually completed the rehab program and supported the band for their epic comeback.

After they all got clean, the band released ‘Permanent Vacation‘ in 1987, a substantial commercial success. The album re-established the group as one of the biggest acts on the rock scene. Their next album, ‘Pump,’ solidified their impressive comeback with more significant sales. The band’s future success was no surprise to Steven Tyler as he was sure enough of it to ask Joe Perry for his autograph before all that happened.

Steven Tyler Asked Joe Perry For His Autograph As A Fan


In 2014, Aerosmith lead guitarist Joe Perry joined an interview with PopMatters and reflected on his long-lasting remarkable career. Perry expressed that when Aerosmith members came together in Boston, he felt he was in the right place. It was apparent to him even in their early times that they had something, and nothing would stop them from carrying on. He believed in the band’s potential as he knew that they sounded outstanding.

Joe Perry was not the only one who felt that way. He recalled when Steven Tyler asked him for his autograph by saying that they were on the right track. Although Perry also believed in their potential, he seemed suspicious when Tyler said that since they still had a long way to go. Looking at where the band stands today, Tyler turned out to be suitable in his vision.

Joe Perry spoke how Steven Tyler asked him for his autograph:

 “There was one point when Steven actually asked me for my autograph. I can remember that he asked for my autograph because he said, ‘We’re on our way!‘ I had to laugh; you know what I mean? As far as I was concerned, ‘Hey, we slept over in a truck. Tomorrow we still have to drive to blah-blah; we still have to do this.’ But it was before we had a manager or had gotten that far. That was one of the things that made the combination. Our version of the team, you know, the songwriting team.”

It should be taken into consideration that what Steven Tyler said about the band’s future was before even they hired a manager and songwriting team. It is essential that he was sure from the first day the band had something special, and thus he kept pushing his bandmates to do better.