Ted Nugent Thinks Elon Musk Is On The Front Lines Fighting For Freedom

Elon Musk continues to receive backlash from many famous names, including renowned artists in the rock music scene. However, it seems he now has an ally: Ted Nugent. The controversial rocker recently spoke about Musk’s Twitter regulations during a new episode of his Nightly Nuge and said the Tesla CEO is fighting for freedom.

Many music icons and rockers quit Twitter following Elon Musk’s controversial moves to make the social media platform great again. Following his $44 billion purchase, Musk declared he sought to make Twitter a free speech platform and took the first step by restoring Donald Trump’s account. He later banned Kanye West for praising Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, causing Jack White to accuse him of hypocrisy. However, according to Uncle Ted, the billionaire is on the right path.

“Without the freedom to express your belief system or to be uppity, fun, and defiant without First Amendment absolutism,” Ted Nugent said, “freedom is impossible. Elon Musk- all I can say is that I pray a lot. America needs prayers, and the great Donald Trump needs prayers because he’s attacked like no other in the history of our country, wrongfully attacked with lies and hate. Unfounded. Just nasty, made-up attacks.”

He continued, “I pray for my fellow Americans who work very hard and trying to make ends meet with the price of gas thanks to Joe Biden, the price of food thanks to Joe Biden, and the cost of living thanks to Joe Biden. My prayers are for Elon Musk. Stop and think if he was on the other side, Keith. Stop and think if I was on the other side; think if I was an anti-gunner instead of an absolute, flame-throwing, pro-freedom, pro-Second Amendment absolutist.”

Uncle Ted then argued that every American should pray for the Tesla CEO, saying, “So, everybody should pray for Elon Musk because he is now proven what you and I have known instinctively for many years. Once Twitter started going, and I saw that my Facebook posts were being censored, [people said,] ‘Well, a private company can shut you up!’ I don’t think so!”

“A restaurant owner can throw you out of the restaurant if you’re screaming obscenities,” he explained. Nugent also noted, “In fact, that is against the law. But First Amendment absolutism is absolutely necessary for American freedom. And Elon Musk is on the front lines. Thank God for the evidence, and the irrefutable proof is coming out now that the FBI is a strong-armed, jack-booted, thug organization for the Democrat party. That’s the most important thing we can see.”

Recently, Elon Musk shared the Twitter Files Part Six, in which the journalist Matt Taibbi unraveled the close ties between the FBI and Twitter. Taibbi argued that more than 150 emails were shared between the FBI and Yoel Roth, the former Twitter Trust and Safety chief. Moreover, the journalist added that the FBI demanded the platform to take action against election misinformation. According to Nugent, Musk unearthed irrefutable proof that the FBI is a strong-armed organization working for the Democrats.