Ted Nugent Targets Musicians Who Couldn’t Manage The Intensity Of Artistry, ‘Many Of Them Died’

During his recent live stream, rock star Ted Nugent has once again discussed his lifelong disdain of alcohol and drugs, while adding his opinion that musicians who died abusing drugs and alcohol followed that path since they could not initially handle the intensity of fame and artistry.

As he makes it clear from time to time, Ted Nugent has been advocating that drugs are for the weak ones, and he is known for being clean from substances his entire life. Whenever he speaks of drug and alcohol abusers, Nugent is looking down on them and talking about them in deep disgust. He has also been noted as the key influence in the straight edge movement, which is a lifestyle developed in the 1980s discouraging drug and alcohol use. Apart from that, Nugent is the spokesman for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

In a recent one of his live streams, Ted Nugent has commented upon drug and alcohol use in the music industry. He said that young musicians do not know how to handle the music business and fame, and fall into using substances. He then recalled his times, when hippies and the related subculture were present. Nugent added that weak people are the ones that want to get high, and they don’t know how to escape from the intensity of musical pleasure. According to Nugent, then the inevitable end comes, many of them die.

Nugent said in the live Q&A that:

“But if you are weak, then you wanna get high. All of these great artists, so many of my friends – didn’t know how to escape this bombardment of music. When you’re making a record, it’s non-stop, and you repeat the song, and you’re working on arrangements, you’re possessed, you’re in this spiritual tsunami of musical outrage! The recording session ends, and you are like bull elk pulling into the zone, pissing and screaming, looking for some cows to hop. So they got high or drunk, and many of them died. When you get high or drunk, you’re already losing touch. You do it to lose touch.”

He then added:

“So I lot of my musical heroes, some of the greatest, most talented, and gifted people on the planet – they would get higher and higher because initially, they couldn’t manage the intensity of artistry, and the more you get high, the dumber you get, and dumber the decisions you make.”

Nugent then concluded his words by saying he is giving people lessons as he knows a lot. He said he is his own boss and forcing himself to be productive and maximize his participation in life by staying away from substances and numbness.