Sebastian Bach Is Pretty Confident About The Current Status Of His Voice

Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach recently shared a tweet to answer one of his fans’ comments about his recent concert. After the Twitter user praised his performance in Minnesota, Bach highlighted that he is currently in his best shape as a singer.

As you probably know, a few years ago, Bach had surgery because of his hernia, which is the abnormal exit of tissue or an organ. The reason behind it was related to singing, as he used his diaphragm too much during his performances. After the operation, it took months to recover, and he had to give a break to his live shows and other projects.

During one of his previous, Bach revealed that he was very worried that the hernia would affect his singing initially, but he stated that there is no problem with his voice. Then, he went back to his live shows and he recently started on a tour named ‘Bach on the Road.’ He will perform in Downers Grown, on September 18 and the tour will end in San Diego, on December 17, 2021.

In his recent tweet, Bach responded to his fan’s review saying that he feels that his voice is more powerful than before. Therefore, it seems like the former Skid Row frontman is very confident about his voice’s current status even though some of his peers are losing their voices day by day.

A fan’s Twitter comment read:

“You had your A-game last night. Even when things didn’t work as planned, you nailed it. Thanks for coming back to Minnesota.”

Bach responded:

“I got to say my voice has never felt more powerful in my life than it does now.”

You can see tweets below.