Ted Nugent Responses To The ‘Most Often Asked Question’ About Hunting


Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently published an article on Deer & Deer Hunting written by him and answered some of the most frequently asked questions about bowhunting. In addition to mainly giving advice to beginners, Nugent stated that their mantra should be ‘slow and easy.’

For those of you who may not know, Ted Nugent is an opponent of animal rights and he has a long list of hunted animals to prove that. According to the musician, hunting is a spiritual process that connects him to this world and the animals he’s killing are just means of meat, skin, and bone. During an interview with Royal Flush Magazine in 2009, Nugent even stated how funny it is to think animals have rights since you can just stick an arrow through their lungs and there goes the meal of the day.

Ted Nugent’s controversial statement follows:

“I’m stymied to come up with anything funnier than people who think animals have rights. Just stick an arrow through their lungs.”

Furthermore, Ted Nugent doesn’t just stop by expressing his love for killing animals with his bow and arrow, he also loves capturing those moments with a picture in which he has a radiant smile while holding his prey. Since his passion for bowhunting is pretty much over the top at this point, he often received major backlash after his bold statements, as usual, and his overall attitude for actual living beings.

Although he’s the center of controversy at any time, Ted Nugent has also been looked up to when it comes to hunting, especially with bow and arrow. Being a bowhunter for decades, Nugent recently wrote his own article for those who would like to begin bowhunting and published it on a hunting website.

In his article, rock veteran answered the most commonly asked question about bowhunting and it’s about the beginners. Ted Nugent advised those who first started hunting with bow and arrow to start slow and easy. According to the longtime hunter, the secret to most effective bowhunting is nothing more than being slow and easy.

In his article, Ted Nugent penned:

“The general question, ‘How do I get started?’ is a doozy, but keeping it real and simple is always the best initial guidance. My first response is always — go slow!

Though some lucky individuals will pick up on archery rather quickly, even for those so naturally gifted they would always do better taking it slow and easy into the world of bowhunting. Since the most stealthy, effective bowhunting demands slow and easy, such a mantra will be beneficial to all practitioners.”

In spite of being respected as a professional bowhunter, Ted Nugent has reportedly received death threats against him and his family from animal rights activists. During many interviews, Nugent stated how he filed a lawsuit against the animal rights extremists, referring to PETA, after allegedly being threatened to be killed. The endless lawsuits and threats most likely wouldn’t end as long as the rocker keeps using a daring language that keeps triggering those who actually support animal rights.