Jerry Cantrell Says He Wanted Eddie Van Halen To Leave Alice In Chains Show

Jerry Cantrell recently talked about the first time he met Eddie Van Halen during in an interview with Lipps Service with Scott Lipps. Jerry stated that he actually wanted Eddie to not watch his performance because his presence caused him to be nervous while playing on stage.

Eddie Van Halen was and still is one of the most influential figures in the rock and roll world. His death in October 2020 affected his band, fans, and, rest of the musicians in the industry gravely. Many people talked about Eddie and recalled their memories together while talking about the impact he had on the music industry.

Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell also spoke about Van Halen in his recent interview and recalled the time he first met Eddie. Alice In Chains was opening up for Van Halen which was already a big opportunity for the band. Cantrell recalled their first encounter on stage and said that Eddie came up to him to ask how he was doing and they had a short conversation.

Jerry later stated that when he started playing, Eddie was there to watch his performance which made him quite nervous. Cantrell mentioned how much he loved Eddie but he wanted him to leave because he couldn’t play comfortably while Eddie Van Halen had his eyes on him.

Here is how he stated his feelings when he first met Eddie:

“I met him [Eddie Van Halen] the first time I walked on stage to go play our first show opening for Van Halen, Ed walks up, and he’s got his guitar on, he’s running scales, and he says ‘Hey dude, how’s it going? Great to have you on.’ I’m like, ‘Hey man, nice to meet you, thanks for having us on the thing.’

I am thinking in my head, ‘Now could you go away and stop looking at me. You’re Eddie Van Halen, and you’re gonna make me nervous as fuck.‘ He watched me for a couple of songs, and I was so nervous because of that. But he was just a great dude. I made three really good friends on that tour. Michael Anthony, Sammy Hagar, and especially Eddie Van Halen.”

Everyone has idols in the music industry. It is mostly a blessing and a good experience when musicians have the opportunity to meet and have a conversation with them. Hence, this was the case for Cantrell, but he didn’t think Eddie’s presence would make him very nervous. In the end, it may have not been a good idea to meet his idol right before a live show.

You can listen to the full podcast below.