Gene Simmons Reflects On His Retirement Plans: ‘I’m Like A Rat In A Maze’


KISS fans were wondering what will happen to the band members after their End of the Road World Tour and retirement from their legendary music career. It seems like the band’s bassist Gene Simmons has several artistic plans to pursue, which will keep him busy and excited for longer.

The End of the Road World Tour was first scheduled for 2019, but it was interrupted because of the pandemic. The band extended the tour until 2022 and announced that they’re retiring for good since they had a successful music career that spans 45 years.

The band is known for their artistic talents as well as musical abilities. They have been on stage with their iconic KISS makeup for years, which they put on themselves before each show. They have been consistent stage personas, and the fact that they do it without a makeup artist showed their abilities in drawing and painting.

Gene Simmons published illustrations when he was only a teenager, and his interest in sci-fi, horror comic books increased his interest in painting such things. However, he seriously started to consider painting during the pandemic, when he had more time in his hands than ever. During a trip to Vegas, he showed his artwork to a gallery owner named Nicholas Leone and made a deal to showcase and sell them.

Here is what he stated about his art:

“There’s only so much TV you are going to watch. So I decided to try my hand at painting, which is what I do often – unprepared, untrained, no résumé, no experience, just do it. Like anything I do, I do it big. I ordered 8-foot-by-4-foot canvases and just went to town.”

I don’t have a style because I’m untrained. I’m like a rat, the rat in a maze. And at the end of the maze, if I can figure it out, I’ll get the cheese. But if I go through the same maze every day, I’ll get bored. If you give me a new maze I’ve never seen before, I’m ravenous. I’m just crazed about figuring it out.”

It seems like the bassist found something new and exciting to pursue after he retires from rock and roll. As he stated, the monotonous life is not very appealing to him, and by discovering his talents in other areas more and more, Simmons will continue leading an exciting life.