Sammy Hagar Names His Solo Album Elevated By Eddie Van Halen

Sammy Hagar recently celebrated one of his solo studio record’s anniversary and paid tribute to late bandmate Eddie Van Halen on Instagram by revealing how the guitarist ‘elevated’ the said album.

The Red Rocker celebrated his ninth solo studio record, ‘I Never Said Goodbye,’s 35th anniversary by sharing a nostalgic and homage-fueled note while also recalling collaborating with Van Halen. He said:

“Happy anniversary to ‘I Never Said Goodbye’! I still love this record today. I feel it was elevated by Eddie, playing bass on the whole record; after writing and recording the ‘5150’ record, my songwriting and singing were at a peak.”

Hagar then also revealed whether Van Halen played guitar on any track, stating:

“Eddie played one small guitar part on ‘Eagles Fly,’ and I handled the rest of the guitars. It was a fun record for us co-producing.”

So, although the pair had their turbulent times over the years, it seemed that Hagar was glad to have made his peace with the late guitarist as he fondly recalled the old days and appreciated the work he put out with Eddie’s contributions.

Also, if you fancy taking a look at the Instagram post, well, you can view it right here.