Lars Ulrich On His Insecurity About Playing ‘2112′ With Geddy Lee And Alex Lifeson

Rush’s late drummer Neil Peart is almost impossible to copy due to his unique style. Thus, it is very understandable that Metallica’s Lars Ulrich has hesitated to perform Peart’s parts with the surviving members Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, a matter which he discussed during a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s the Howard Stern Show.

Neil Peart’s work with Rush for over four decades significantly contributed to the band’s sound and demonstrated his mastery of the instrument. His drum parts, especially in the band’s classic song ‘2112,’ is an excellent example of the late musician’s unique skills. Although Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson also performed at their best, Peart’s drumming shows the real power of the track.

“Playing those AC/DC songs is right in my wheelhouse,” said Lars Ulrich before explaining why that is not the case with Rush. “If they had said – I mean, I love Rush – [but] if they had said, ‘Come up and play ‘2112’ with Alex and Geddy,’ I’d go, ‘I think there’s somebody more qualified to do that than me.’”

The Metallica drummer continued, “Could I do it? Obviously, playing with Alex and Geddy would be incredible. You know… Chad Smith and Dave [Grohl] played a couple of songs. I mean, it would be an uphill thing; it would take a lot of rehearsal and a lot of prep. ‘2112’ would probably be too much of a bite of the apple for me [laughs].”

So, Ulrich admitted that playing the Rush classic with the surviving members Geddy and Alex would push him too hard, requiring many rehearsals, but he feels more confident playing AC/DC stuff. Lars added, “But in terms of just feeling comfortable and kind of doing the thing that exists sort of where I am, that AC/DC stuff is right in my pocket. I love that so much.”

Elsewhere in the same interview, Lars Ulrich also reflected on Metallica’s inner dynamics and how they survived that long in the metal scene. According to the drummer, none of the band members “strayed a lot” from Metallica, although they all have been involved in other projects over the years. So, he believes their main focus has always been on Metallica, bringing along success and longevity.