Ted Nugent Targets Gun-Free Zones, Calls Them ‘Slaughter Zones’

The rock singer, songwriter, and conservative political activist Ted Nugent recently posted a video on his Facebook account in which he discussed the recent mass shooting that took place in California and said that it’s because of Democrat-run gun-free zones.

As you probably know, Ted Nugent enjoys hunting and is an active pro-hunting advocate. He also supports individual gun ownership and opposes restricting gun laws and gun-free zones. There have been numerous instances that encouraged Nugent to speak up about gun ownership and the recent mass shooting was such a happening.

On Wednesday, the United States citizens were once again heartbroken to hear of the recent mass shooting in California. A transit employee murdered nine co-workers and then took his own life. According to a report by the Gun Violence Archive, which is a non-profit research group, the US has seen at least 200 mass shootings in the first 132 days of 2021.

Ted Nugent was one of the people to speak up against the recent mass shooting. In his recent Facebook live, the rock musician said that ‘innocent lives are always lost in gun-free zones’ and that it is the Democratic party that should be blamed for taking away people’s right to be armed and defend themselves.

He said that the reason why the United States is ‘in the top one hundred slaughter zones of the world’ is because of the Democrats who enjoy making people lose control, be unarmed, and helpless. He went on to say that it is every American’s God-given right to defend themselves and that there shouldn’t even be paperwork considering gun ownership.

Here’s what Ted Nugent said in his Facebook live (transcribed by RC):

“Tell your mayor, your senator and your congressman, and your governor every fucking day that the most innocent lives are always lost in gun-free zones. The guitar player can fix that. End gun-free zones. My fellow Americans, you wanna save lives? Uncle Ted has the answer. Get everybody in your life to make sure they don’t drink and drive. Make sure they don’t buy chemicals that destroy their brain and eat enough food to turn them into sperm whales. That’s how you save lives. I can give you the list of causes of death in this country, and it eclipses the Chinese virus.

Get rid of gun-free zones. Eat like you have a brain and a conscience. Respect your sacred temple by stop poisoning it. And raise absolute living hell with your government punks who have been ignoring us for too long. I have the right to protect my sacred gift of life – period – on planet Earth. Thank God America has a Second Amendment because it’s the only place that does.

And if you got rid of all the violent Democrat-controlled cities, we wouldn’t be in the top one hundred of crime with firearms in the world. If you got rid of Chicago and Detroit and San Francisco and Baltimore, if you got rid of all the Democrat-run gun-free zones, America wouldn’t be in the top one hundred slaughter zones of the world. Because the Democrats like you to lose control and to be unarmed and helpless. What a curse. What a demonic decree. That another man can possibly tell you, ‘No, I’m afraid you can’t defend yourself in these areas.'”

He went on to say:

“You have to be a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association), Gun Owners of America, and the United States Concealed Carry Association. Because if you’re unarmed and helpless, you’re weird. ‘Well, my boss says I can’t carry a gun.’ Then get a new boss. ‘It’s not that easy.’ The most important things in life are always very difficult. I fought all my life to get the Second Amendment back incrementally because there was none when I carried a gun across America in 1968.

I couldn’t keep any arms in America in 1968. So, I fought and now we have all 50 states where at least with paperwork… maybe soon we’ll need paperwork for the First Amendment. Do you see? You don’t need paperwork for your God-given right which is guaranteed by the constitution. The fact that the Second Amendment exists, is your carry permit nationwide. Fight for it.”

You can watch Ted Nugent’s live stream by clicking here.