Ronnie Radke Mocks Ex-Falling In Reverse Drummer Making Less Money Than His Assistant

In a recent Instagram story, Ronnie Radke mocked Falling In Reverse’s former drummer Ryan Seamen for earning less than his assistant.

The singer shared an old photo including both Seamen and his assistant. He wrote in the caption:

“The two people circled, one is Ryan Seaman, my old drummer. The other is my assistant. My assistant makes 20x more a year than what Ryan Seaman makes right now and I was just thinking how crazy that is, like how do you fall off that hard? (Everyone in this photo is awesome except for Ryan Seaman).”

Previous Issues Between Radke And Seaman

There is a feud going on between Radke and Seamen for a while. Last year, in September, Seamen’s ex-bandmate from I Don’t Know How But They Found Me, Dallon Weekes, used the band’s X account to tell fans that drummer Ryan was no longer in the band. Here’s what he wrote:

“Regrettably, Ryan [Seamen] will no longer be participating in iDKHOW. After a series of broken trusts, it became necessary to let him go. While it was very sad to lose a friend of 15 years, iDKHOW is very important to me. It’s how I provide for my family, and I take that very seriously.”

Radke had earlier tweeted that Seaman stole $26k and committed fraud against Weekes. He also said Ryan stole from his band and worsened his bad reputation. In the rest of his statement on X, Dallon thanked fans for their support and said:

“Thank you all for being so incredibly patient. The moxie and support that fans have shown during this long process has been invaluable and sincerely appreciated. This is the end of my very important statement.”

Later in November 2023, Radke took to X to mock Seaman again, who dressed as a burglar for Halloween. Radke shared a screenshot from a Halloween party and wrote:

“Ryan Seaman commits wire fraud, a federal crime against his band member, gets kicked out over it, goes as a burglar months later.”

The frontman referred to the irony since he had accused Seaman of stealing $26,000 and committing fraud against Weekes. Some users questioned Radke’s claims, while others supported him.

Photo Credit: Ronnie Radke – Instagram