Ronnie Radke Mocks Ex-Falling In Reverse Drummer’s Ironic ‘Burglar’ Costume

Falling In Reverse’s Ronnie Radke recently took to X to tease the band’s former drummer Ryan Seaman’s ironic ‘burglar’ costume that he wore for Halloween.

Sharing a screenshot of Seaman having fun at a Halloween party, the frontman wrote:

“Ryan Seaman commits wire fraud, a federal crime against his band member, gets kicked out over it, goes as a burglar months later.”

Social Media Reactions

While some users in the comment section questioned if Radke’s claims were true, some others also supported the singer. One of them wrote:

“Art imitating life… wearing prison stripes. Forecasting his future.”

Another comment added:

“He definitely wore that intentionally.”

Allegations Of Theft And Fraud

By claiming that the drummer committed fraud, the singer refers to the issue between Seaman and Dallon Weekes in their band iDKHOW. Radke had previously posted on social media, alleging that Ryan Seaman stole $26,000 and engaged in fraudulent activities involving Weekes.

Ronnie had also shared a story about Ryan, who once claimed credit for a successful show in his hometown but had no one show up to his DJ set later that night. This led to him feeling let down by his friends in Utah. Ronnie added that their band wouldn’t be where it is without Ryan, in a somewhat sarcastic tone, and wrote:

“So he wrote on Facebook he was done with all his friends in Utah. I remember seeing some of his friends write on his post, ‘We are all in our mid-30s with jobs and kids, Ryan. Sorry we couldn’t come to your emo night DJ set.’ If it weren’t for Ryan Seaman, our band would be nothing; thanks, Ryan.”

According to Radke, Ryan is guilty of various wrongdoings, including theft from Falling In Reverse, dishonesty, exploiting Ronnie’s bad reputation for sympathy, and taking advantage of people. The frontman had also referred to him as ‘the snake’ in a previous tweet.

In September 2023, Weekes took to social media to announce that Seaman was no longer a part of  iDKHOW, stating that the split was due to a ‘series of broken trust.’

You can see the tweets below.