Ted Nugent Says The Best People In The World Love Him


Ted Nugent shared some exclusive details about his upcoming album and latest single ‘Come and Take It’ along with revealing the release date of his new track from the album during one of his latest live streams on his official Facebook account. Also, Nugent thanked his fans for their support by highlighting that ‘the best people love him.’

Ted Nugent released his latest and fifteenth studio album entitled ‘The Music Made Me Do It’ on November 9, 2018, and received very positive reviews from his fans and music critics. Shortly after its release, the fans wanted to know whether Nugent started to work on new materials or a new world tour. Then, The Handsome Devil gave the good news about his new album ‘Detroit Muscle’ saying that it’s almost ready and will be released soon.

In addition, Nugent released the first track from his upcoming record, ‘Come and Take It’ on November 11, 2021, and the musician defined it as a love song to America which was surrounded by ‘a corrupted Marxist government.’ So it can be said that Nugent continued to criticize Biden’s government and Democrats with his new music too. Even though he previously revealed that the record will be released in the fall of 2021, it’s planned to be released on April 29, 2022.

The musician stated that he will drop the second track named ‘American Campfire’ next week which made his fans very excited, and they shared their kind comments about it both during the live stream and after that. Therefore, Nugent expressed his gratefulness to his dedicated fans for their endless support and wanted to draw attention to the fact that only the best people in the world love him which is undeniable and irrefutable for him.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“‘Detroit Muscle’ would be baptized in 2022. For right now, ‘Come and Take It’ is the love song to a corrupted Marxist government that we are surrounded by. My love song ‘Come and Take It’ is lighting some fires across America. Thank you for the support. I think the next song is coming next week. ‘American Campfire.’ Everybody who hears it said ‘Old school, rhythm, and blues, rock and roll, Ted Nugent Motor City music…’ It’s awesome. Bass guitar, vocals… Jason Hartless was on drums and he did some vocals also Andy what a team!

‘Detroit Muscle’ will be out and they say in April. I don’t know what the delay is. So, Merry Christmas everybody and we’re going to any negatives right now, just all positive. Thank you for your support. You know what? That’s the bottom line. The facts are irrefutable, the evidence is overwhelming. The best people in the world love me.”

You can listen to the song below.