Ted Nugent Says Real Music Lovers Don’t Listen To Taylor Swift


Ted Nugent recently sat down with 94.3 The Shark and talked about the current music industry and complained about how the music business seems to developed a disinterest in the music. He mentioned pop star Taylor Swift and stated that real music lovers do not listen to her music.

The musician and conservative political activist Ted Nugent is mainly known to be brutally honest both about his views on the politics of the USA and his opinions about the music industry. Not feeling shy about criticizing anything and anyone, he recently touched upon the disinterest of people in the current music industry.

In his recent interview, Nugent complained about how the members of the contemporary music industry do not care about music anymore. In the ’60s and ’70s, everybody involved in the creation and distribution of albums and songs was a music lover, yet, today, all they care about is numbers.

He also touched upon the quality of music and named Taylor Swift as one of the musicians he would not listen to. While stating that her songs are like ‘Ferris wheel music at a fair,’ he pointed out that her music is not real. According to the musician, real music lovers do not and will not listen to Taylor Swift.

Here is how he compared the contemporary music industry with the 60s and 70s:

“There is no industry, in the ’60s and ’70s, the owner of the record store loved the music. The distributor of the record, they loved the music, the guy that drove the truck and delivered the record. He loved the music. I ran into all these guys. The president of the record company, he loved the music. The A&R department, they loved the music. Everybody music, music, music, music. Nowadays it’s like; Taylor Swift numbers.”

He continued by talking about Taylor Swift:

“And God Bless her, I’m not knocking Taylor Swift. I’m not going to listen to Taylor Swift. I don’t think real music lovers are going to, I think the people who like the sound of the Ferris wheel type of music in the county fair like her music. I don’t mean to be mean about this, but that’s not fire-music to me, that’s not primo, raw fun, volatile, earthly, sexy stuff.

And thank God ZZ played it last night, Sammy did it all last week in Texas. I’m gonna do it all next summer. So, even though there’s no industry like the peak of the industry in the ’60s and ’70s where everybody loved the music. Well, the guys at Pavement, they love the music. That’s why they signed me up. My manager Doug Banker, my entire team, my crew. I ran into a bunch of my crew guys last night at the road of ZZ because I am not on the road because it’s the hunting season.”

Even though he isn’t satisfied with the pop star’s music, he is relieved that bands like ZZ Top, musicians like Sammy Hagar, and himself keep the ‘real’ music going. He also admired his own crew because they are also interested in quality music.