Ted Nugent Says Metallica, Billy Joel, And Coldplay Use His Crew When He’s Not On The Road


Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently spoke on a new episode of his Nightly Nuge and revealed his touring crew goes on the road with Metallica, Billy Joel, and Coldplay when he’s not touring.

Ted Nugent is probably one of the most controversial rockers with his opinions on politics, gun rights, and hunting. Nugent even owns a 340-acre hunting ranch called Sunrize Acres near Jackson, Michigan, and he values the hunting season so much that he doesn’t go on the road during that period.

As it turns out, Nugent’s touring crew goes on tour when Nugent is busy hunting. In a recent episode of his YouTube series The Nightly Nuge, during which he reveals his opinions on various topics, Nugent stated that top artists like Billy Joel, Coldplay, and Metallica use his crew while touring.

Nugent then praised his live sound engineer Frank Trzaskowski, his team, monitor team, security team, and lightning director for being the top guys in the music industry. He stated that his crew works with other artists because he doesn’t tour during the hunting season, which lasts for nine months.

Moreover, Nugent said his team is in top demand because they work with him. According to the rocker, he only works with the best of the best, and his crew puts their hearts and souls into providing the best sound, lights, and on-time stage presence for him.

During the conversation, Ted Nugent said the following:

“I have the best sound man, Frank Trzaskowski, and my team, my monitor team, my security team, and my lighting director; these are the top guys in the industry. Billy Joel, Metallica, Coldplay, and all your hot country artists use my guys because I don’t tour during the hunting season, which happens to be nine months long.

So, my guys are in top demand because if you work for Ted Nugent, everybody knows that you’re the best of the best. Because they put their heart and soul into the best sound, the best lights, and on-time stage presence.”

You can watch the full interview below.