Michael Anthony Breaks Silence After Roth’s Attack Against Hagar And Wolfgang

At the Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp’s Q&A session in March 2024, Michael Anthony said he has no problems with David Lee Roth despite his attack against Sammy Hagar and Wolfgang Van Halen.

The musician said the following about his relationship with Diamond Dave:

“I haven’t spoken with Dave in quite some time. The last time I actually spoke with him was when [there was talk] about a possible reunion thing. It’s really crazy because I hadn’t heard anything about Jason Newsted [Metallica] coming into the fold [and doing the tour]. And I got a call from Alex and Dave from [manager] Irving Azoff’s office some years back asking about my thoughts on doing a reunion, a tour. And Joe Satriani was gonna be the guitar player.”

Anthony Has No Problem With DLR

Anthony continued, sharing he doesn’t have animosity towards Dave:

“Dave’s kind of a crazy guy. It’s hard to explain Dave. We don’t have enough time. But, no, other than that, no. I mean, I don’t have anything against Dave. And I’ve said this in the past to different people, whatever, that if the chance ever came up or whatever, I would definitely be willing to jam with him or whatever.”

Dave’s Attacks Against Wolfgang And Hagar

Roth attacked Wolfgang in January of this year in a YouTube video titled ‘This Crazy Kid…’ The singer shared how Van Halen complained about him during their tours:

“This f*cking kid, he’s complaining the entire tour like I’m not paying enough attention to him on stage. Like Santa Claus coming down the chimney and popping out on Christmas with nobody paying attention. Shalom to the dome, homie. I’m giving him the best. Everything I’ve got in front of twenty, thirty thousand people at a clip, and he’s complaining to everybody around me — the business manager, the security guy, the clothing lady — ‘Dave’s not paying enough attention to me.'”

DLR also claimed that Wolf made two security staff throw two women he had invited. The incident happened while he was performing on stage in New York City. In March, Roth dissed Sammy Hagar this time again with a video on YouTube with the lyrics:

“Sammy Hagar’s not the same / You can drop that singer from extreme / But no matter where you walk around / There’s a little David everyone.”

Later, Wolfgang spoke with The Morning X With Barnes & Leslie about Dave’s attack on him. The rocker said he sees himself as the new target in the ongoing Van Halen drama since his father, Eddie, is no longer around.

You can watch Anthony’s entire Q&A session below.