Ted Nugent Says He Was Threatened To Be Put In Jail

Ted Nugent recently streamed a live video on his YouTube channel during which he claimed he was threatened to be put in jail due to his conservative views.

When it comes to sharing his views, Ted Nugent does not hesitate to explicitly express what he really thinks. He often uses his social media accounts and YouTube channel to share his opinions and answer his fans’ questions. However, his straightforward attitude sometimes causes some trouble for the musician.

Nugent is known chiefly for being an outspoken conservative and his controversial views on gun ownership rights and hunting. Due to his sharp tongue, which he uses to target people supporting opposing views, he has gotten in trouble several times and even feared for his life. For instance, Nugent claimed that he and his wife have received death threats because of his radical views.

In one of his previous statements, Nugent also targeted Joe Biden and the Democrats, who claimed he was a danger to society. He said that he has never harmed anyone, but the government is a traitor and is more dangerous than him. According to his recent live video, it seems Nugent is still having problems due to his opposing opinions.

During the conversation in the live video, Ted Nugent revealed he decided not to go to New York because he was threatened to be put in jail for two-week quarantine due to his conservative views. He then said he is against stop-and-frisk, and the people the police have to stop and frisk should not be on the street. Following that, Nugent stated he won’t go to NY and even jeopardize Allen West’s campaign.

In the live video, Ted Nugent stated:

“I decided not to go to New York. Because last time I was going to go do a morale boost for the NYPD, I was threatened to be put in jail for two-week quarantine because I represent conservative values, like the First Amendment and the Second Amendment.

I’m against the stop-and-frisk. What I am for is not letting people out that you might have to stop and frisk. They shouldn’t be out there to be stop-and-frisked. I could go on and on about that convoluted maneuver. But I do improvise, adapt, and overcome. I opted not to go to New York and even jeopardize the great Allen West’s campaign.”

You can watch the full video below.