Ted Nugent Responds To People Thinking He’s A Danger To The Society


Ted Nugent recently posted his interview with The Balance’s Eric Bolling on his Instagram account. In his interview, he targeted Joe Biden and the Democrats, who described him as a danger to society while criticizing their current policies about Afghanistan.

As you may know, Ted Nugent showed his support to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign by appearing and performing during his rallies. After he was elected as the 45th president of the USA, Ted continued to praise Trump’s policies on various matters, such as gun control, taxation, and foreign policies.

However, when Joe Biden was elected the new President of the USA, one of Nugent’s next targets was Barack Obama, who he called a ‘communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.’ Nugent also defined Joe Biden as the ‘Satan number one’ and ‘so-called commander in chief.’ Then he continued to slam Biden after he declared that the war in Afghanistan was over.

During his recent TV appearance, Ted Nugent emphasized that coyotes and child abusers love Joe Biden. He claimed that Joe Biden and his wrong policies caused the American people’s death. Nugent added that even though the government sees him as a threat to society, he has never harmed anybody, and he won’t be a traitor like the current government.

Nugent’s IG post read:

“A recent chat on The Balance with my BloodBrother Eric Bolling.

Truth logic commonsense and unlimited evidence to support them is the only hope to get America back from the demons currently raping her soul.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

They don’t care about us. That really sums it up. They just don’t give it a damn. If you could see the heartbreaking photos that I get from my friends in Texas, that own ranches on the border, of the human remainings with vultures flying over them because our government, our United States government, gangsters killing Americans and coyotes love Joe Biden.

The child-sex traffickers love Joe Biden. Coyotes and the child-sex traffickers love Joe Biden. Then I have to hate Joe Biden. If the government thinks that I am the danger, I never hurt anybody in my life but this government is orchestrating the slaughter of Americans by flying in unknown Cihads from Afghanistan and opening up our border. The people across this country are absolutely heartbroken and pissed off with what the traitors in our government are doing right now.”

Therefore, it seems like Nugent will continue to target Joe Biden and Democrats until either the former president Donald Trump and another Republican wins the elections. In addition, Nugent’s fans asked him to run for office as they think he would make a great president.