What Was Freddie Mercury’s Main Source Of Motivation, Money Or Success?

Late Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury once opened up about the motivation behind the band’s music during an interview with MTV back in 1984 and apparently, despite money is a major part of the motive that keeps them going, to satisfy the need to make good music and be successful is the greatest motivation among the band members.

As many of you know, Freddie Mercury was often regarded as one of the greatest frontmen in the history of rock music all thanks to his incredibly extensive vocal range, his highly theatrical style on stage as well as his iconic stage outfits on top of his personal life which was a subject of high interest.

During his time with Queen which lasted for 21 years until his retirement in June 1991, the legendary lead singer’s interviews as well as his one-of-a-kind attitude which awes his fans still to this day has always been a matter of curiosity due to the fact that although Mercury’s life seemed like it was highly publicized, there isn’t much personal information about the iconic frontman, only those allowed by him. That’s exactly why every interview of Mercury matters and carries a piece of valuable information about the late musician.

During an interview with MTV many years ago which still allows his fans to see his humor as well as his love for music, Freddie Mercury was asked about the secret to the longevity and the success Queen has despite being in the music industry for 12 years and the first answer of the whimsical singer was money as the main source of motivation for the band members as well as himself.

However, the late Queen singer put the joke aside and revealed that money and being wealthy is a great motivation for the band for sure, yet, it isn’t the primary reason for their hard work when it comes to their music. Instead of money, the success and the wish to be remembered with good music they made was what kept them and Freddie Mercury pushing after all those years.

Here is what the interviewer asked:

“You have just started your second decade together as a band. What do you think has kept the band together and so intact and the same personnel for so many years?”

Here is what Freddie Mercury said:

“Oh, we love the money. If they say they don’t like the money, they’re talking out of their ass, to be honest. They really are. Money is part of it, yeah. But the other thing is also, to be honest with you on a serious note, we just want to make out music and just because you made lots of money and you’re successful doesn’t mean that’s enough.

This is the hardest time for us. This is a big test. We’ve been in the business for 12 years and our records still sell and to keep it going that much further is hard, it’s very difficult. And to be honest, I’m sure Brian would say, ‘In the end, we want to be respected as musicians.’

And I don’t want to change people’s lives by the music, I just want people, after I finished, to say, ‘Okay, Queen was a band that came out with good music and people enjoyed their music and had fun.’ That’s basically it and I certainly don’t wanna give up now, I have nothing else to do.”

You can see the interview down below.