Joe Elliott Reveals Def Leppard Almost Got On A Plane That Could’ve Crashed

In the latest episode of Def Leppard’s YouTube playlist, ‘Behind The World Tour,’ fans witnessed the band’s struggle with a broken plane. The plane took off on a flight when they encountered a problem with its wheels. Thankfully, the issue was resolved, and the band members were safe enough to humorously talk about it.

Def Leppard is currently on their long-awaited world tour with Mötley Crüe, and the gigs are extremely enjoyable for the band. They had just finished a gig in Buenos Aires and were leaving the city on their private jet. However, after flying for two hours, the pilot realized that the wheels of the plane were not closing, which was a safety risk for everyone on the aircraft.

They returned to Buenos Aires and waited for boarding for seven hours at the airport, but unfortunately, the problem was not fixed at that time. Def Leppard and their crew had to find 102 rooms to stay the night and try again tomorrow.

Joe Elliott, the lead singer, said:

“So here we are, we took off at noon, and the front wheel cover wouldn’t go in, so we couldn’t go. So here we are back in Buenos Aires. 4 hours and 40 minutes after we took off, we’re off to do something else until they check that it’s alright, so we get back on the board and then fly for eight and a half hours.

It’s 20 minutes to 11 at night. We got on this plane at noon, and we came back down to land about two hours later. We’ve been in this airport now for seven hours inside a lounge waiting to figure out what we’re doing. What we’re doing is going back on the plane to get the gear that we left on there.

We have to find 102 rooms in about three hours, so we’re spread out all over the place until tomorrow when hopefully they’ve fixed it, and we can get back on it and try again.”

Thankfully, the band members were taking the situation calmly, and they even made jokes while telling the story to the camera. There was no indication of tension or sadness; instead, everyone was doing everything they could to help fix the issue. Rick Savage, the bassist, was one of the people making jokes about it.

He said:

“On the flight that never was. I still have a boarding pass for the flight that never was. Three and a half hours going nowhere.”

The band finally made it to Miami airport, where their last show of the South American tour was held, and had a blast with Mötley Crüe on stage. Def Leppard is now eagerly awaiting to kick off the remainder of their world tour in Europe.