Kenney Jones On Suing Led Zeppelin For Plagiarism

Similarities between the works of artists can cause many problems in the music world, especially if they involve big names. Although many would expect a legend like Robert Plant to create unique efforts for Led Zeppelin, that was not the case with one of their biggest hits. The Small Faces drummer recently recalled Plant’s plagiarism of ‘You Need Loving’ while speaking to Ray Shasho on Interviewing the Legends.

Led Zeppelin’s song ‘Whole Lotta Love’ is strangely similar to Willie Dixon’s 1962 song titled ‘You Need Love.’ The interviewer implied that the song belonged to the Small Faces by claiming, “‘You Need Loving,’ that’s a Zeppelin track now, but it belongs to you guys.” The Small Faces covered Dixon’s song in 1966, changed the title to ‘You Need Loving,’ and were never faced with plagiarism or stealing accusations.

Jones replied to the interviewer in a very calm and unbothered way, saying, “Very flattering compliment.” However, the interviewer continued, “But it’s true. I know you guys were all friends and everything, but have you ever thought about a lawsuit or anything like that for the way they copied you?” Yet, the drummer didn’t back down and confidently exclaimed “No way,” and added that the Led Zeppelin members are “Too good. Nice guys.”

The Small faces hadn’t credited Willie Dixon when they released their cover, just like how Led Zeppelin didn’t credit the Small Faces once they released ‘Whole Lotta Love,’ which bared a considerable resemblance to Steve Marriott’s vocals and Dixon’s lyrics. Zeppelin got their fair share of consequences when Willie’s daughter sued them for credit and compensation. Led Zeppelin settled the case out of court and agreed to give Dixon credit.