Ted Nugent Says He Ignores The Stupidity Of The ‘Poster Child’ Neil Young

Reactions to Neil Young’s Spotify protest have continued since the musician withdrew his songs from the platform. While many rockers, including his former bandmates in CSNY, supported him and his decision, Ted Nugent called him ‘stupid’ and ‘out of his mind.’

Neil Young recently shared his concerns regarding Joe Rogan’s podcast on Spotify and claimed that he misinforms the listeners with false information about the Covid-19 virus. However, Joe Rogan defended himself by saying that he aimed to balance out the opinions and see new perspectives instead of taking the opinions of one side. After the airing of the podcast’s pandemic-related episodes, scientists reacted to the non-scientific comments and said that Rogan shouldn’t be misinforming the listeners.

Hence, Young took the matter into his own and threatened Spotify to remove all his music if they continued to air Joe Rogan’s show. This backfired as Spotify didn’t take action against the podcast, and Young withdrew his songs, facing a significant financial loss. His former bandmates supported his initiative, and David Crosby stated that he would do the same if he hadn’t sold the rights to his music. CSNY is also planning to pull their songs from the Streaming giant if they don’t take action against Rogan.

According to Ted Nugent, what Young demanded was to limit free speech, and it is hypocritical to defend the freedom of rock and roll but try to ‘censor’ someone who doesn’t share your ideas. Nugent thinks that Young couldn’t think about these things because his brain functions are altered due to the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

Here is what Nugent said about Young:

“Comfortably numb is comfortably dumb, and Neil Young is the poster child for that. I mean, rocking in the free world, but he wants to censor people? ‘Hey Neil, choose one. You can’t do both, you dirtbag.’ I hope he’s healthy and happy but I think his brain is so burnt, he doesn’t know what happiness is anymore.

If he’s rocking in the free world and he wants a sense of somebody who’s bringing information from a world-renowned virologist and epidemiologist and calling that misinformation. But he’s going to quote Joe Biden as the decree of… are you kidding me?

When you do that many mind-destroying chemicals upon yourself, your brain is burnt, and you struggle to find logic, truth, and common sense. Neil Young has no common sense. He’s out of his mind, and all you can do is pray for him and ignore his stupidity. That’s what I do.”

You can watch the interview below.