Joe Perry Recalls Aerosmith’s Switch From Confidence To Command

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry recently sat down with Classic Rock’s Dave Everley and discussed how their confidence in the studio during the making of ‘Toys in the Attic’ turned into a position of command while recording ‘Rocks.’

When the host asked which one was better from their two hit records, the guitarist replied by saying:

“Toys… was the first time we went into the studio without a whole album’s worth of songs. We had to write some in the studio. [Producer] Jack Douglas said: ‘We need one more rocker.’ And I sat on an amp and just started playing a riff. It was the riff to the song ‘Toys In The Attic.'”

He continued, comparing the making process of two albums:

“That was the album where it felt like we were getting some command of the studio. With ‘Rocks,’ we had more confidence. We still had to write stuff on the spot, but that was the one where we had more of a handle on the creativity. Not to say that the pressure wasn’t on. We were touring constantly; we only took time off to go in the studio.”

Perry added:

“No one said: ‘Take a month off, go write some songs.’ It was like: ‘Go in the studio with whatever ideas you have.’ That was how it was. ‘Toys’… was kind of the softball album, and ‘Rocks’ was the one where we felt: ‘Wow, we’re there.'”

Recognizing that the musician hasn’t given a direct response yet, the interviewer further asked:

“But which of those two albums is best? “

Joe finally shared his opinion, explaining:

“[Laughs] Okay, ‘Rocks’ seems like a more direct album. ‘Toys’…, there are some high points on it, but I’d rather listen to ‘Rocks.'”

As two important records of the hard rock genre, both ‘Toys in the Attic’ and ‘Rocks’ are featured on the lists like Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.

You can listen to both albums below.