Sammy Hagar Responds To Foo Fighters Drummer Taylor Hawkins’ Age Joke, ‘We Got Gigs, Aren’t You Jealous’

Former Van Halen and current Circle lead vocalist Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page reacting to a funny meme about his age including the former president of the United States Bill Clinton sent to him by Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and kindly returned the joke by stressing how he’s still busy running from one gig to another despite his age of 73.

As some of you might remember, there was a hilarious meme that was all over the social media platforms a few years back including a current picture of The Red Rocker and the 42nd president of the United States Bill Clinton both of which were at the age of 70 and 71, looking vastly different from each other and a fan found the reason why.

While it may not sound funny yet, a fan wanted to make a comparison out of the lifestyles of both Hagar and Clinton, revealing how it affected their appearance. It’s a widely known fact that Sammy Hagar stopped aging at some point in his life since he looks way younger than his age at all times despite his past filled with addiction history as well as being a busy rock star for decades while Clinton looks like his age and a fan thought it would be a great idea to link his aging to his wife, Hillary Clinton.

Here is what’s written on the meme with the pictures:

“Sammy Hagar is 70 years old.

Bill Clinton is 71 years old.

Sammy has had over 40+ years of alcohol, drugs, sex, and rock n’ roll.

Bill lives with Hillary.”

Recently, Sammy Hagar shared a post on his official Instagram page revealing that the hilarious meme was just sent to him by drummer Taylor Hawkins as well as sharing his own reaction to the meme and the age joke. Apparently, Hagar is very proud of his age, now being 73, and still being able to perform gigs with his band the Circle.

As the legendary vocalist revealed the reaction video of himself, he also teased Hawkins with whom he has a close friendship by stating that he might be jealous of the fact that a 73-year-old musician who looks ages younger still rocks shows filled with fans in addition to having a career that still lasts after five decades.

Here is what Hagar said in the caption section:

Taylor Hawkins just sent me that old Instagram post of Bill Clinton and I when we both turn 70 if you haven’t seen it look it up it’s funny. But here’s what he got in return. Sammy Hagar and the Circle we just finished rehearsing in Fort Lauderdale getting ready for the shows in Florida coming up can’t wait. The band sounded so fucking good today lotta new old songs in the Set got some deep tracks for you.”

You can see the Instagram post and the funny meme below.