Avril Lavigne Addresses The Conspiracy About Her Real Age

Avril Lavigne broke her silence about the long-standing conspiracy theory.

The singer became the subject of a conspiracy theory, which claims that Lavigne died in 2003, a year after releasing her debut album ‘Let Go,’ and she was replaced by a doppelganger named Melissa Vandella. Many fans and conspiracy theorists shared side-by-side pictures and claimed it wasn’t her.

The singer responded to the allegations in a recent interview with Hello Magazine. She gave a tip on how she still looks the same as she used to look before and said:

“Everyone says I look the same. My advice is to be careful with the sun and drink green juice. The truth is that when I started, I was still young and rebellious. A teenager full of energy.”

She added:

“20 years later, I’m still here, but more mature and experienced. I don’t take it too seriously anymore. To answer your question – yes, I have changed, but the change is the reason I am the person I am today.”

In another interview, the singer addressed the rumor directly and stated that it was just a ‘dumb internet rumor.’ She also shared her disbelief that many people bought into it.

The theory was first brought by a Brazilian blog under the name ‘Avril Está Morta,’ which translates to ‘Avril Is Dead.’ The theory led to conversations on web forums sharing supposed proof of Lavigne’s replacement. The singer made it clear in many interviews that she didn’t die and wasn’t replaced by a doppelganger.

The creator of the conspiracy apologized and changed the whole blog post to state that the blog was only meant to show how conspiracy theories can seem true, and that Avril has never died.