Ted Nugent Says Detroit Muscle Is The Best Tour Of His Life

During one of his recent live streams on Facebook, Ted Nugent expressed his thoughts about his recently released album ‘Detroit Muscle’ and the ongoing tour to support it. The rocker didn’t forget to thank his fans and revealed the reason he feels grateful.

Nugent is still a prolific musician who constantly tries to produce new material. However, the famous guitarist began drawing more media attention with his controversial comments about gun rights, hunting, and ongoing political issues in the US than his music. As a Republican, Nugent constantly criticized Democrats and their policies regarding different problems.

Thus, the musician became more of a political figure but remained an essential member of the rock music industry with his unique riffs and best-selling albums. His latest and sixteenth studio album, ‘Detroit Muscle‘ was Nugent’s return to music, and to promote the record, he started his Detroit Muscle Tour on July 15 in Clearwater. In his recent live stream, the guitarist described it as the best tour of his life.

The Handsome Devil unveiled that he has performed more than 6000 thousand times during his longtime career as a solo musician, but none of them were better than his ongoing tour. The intensity, joy, energy, and flamethrowing songs were so empowering that Nugent felt like the martial artist Bruce Lee of guitar playing. The musician added that he was grateful for his dedicated fans, who have always supported his works and musical journey.

Nugent shared his ideas, saying:

“I can overcome with the greatest freedom soundtrack ever ‘Detroit Muscle,’ clusterf*ck 2022. So much fun. Holy god! My guitar! You know I have done this for a long time. Tonight is 6815th. 6815 flamethrowing and worked hard-soundtracks of breathing grind music. 6815, and this is the best tour of my life.

It is the most intense musical joy and stimuli of my life. The grind from Greg, Jason, and me every night! The songs that we have are unlimited, killer, fun, intense, high energy, flamethrowing, grinding soul music. What a riot! It’s literally out of the body. Every night, I feel like a martial artist, Bruce Lee of the guitar. Thank you, everybody, for the real music lovers who support this music and my career. It’s intoxicating.”

You can listen to the album below.