Ted Nugent Reveals He Is Being Sued By The State Of Michigan

Ted Nugent shared on a recent episode of The Nightly Nuge on Facebook that he was being sued by his home state, Michigan. With an audience hanging on his words, the musician revealed the reason for the lawsuit and answered the allegations.

Delving into the backdrop of his relations with the state’s Department of Natural Resources, Nugent explained that the claims against him stemmed from supposedly keeping a feral animal. In response, he described his animals’ living conditions and made clear how they were actually domesticated.

The artist explained the situation by saying:

“They are suing me. The State of Michigan under Gretchen Whitmer – this horrible, communist, Joe Biden gangster, five-family-crime member – and her attorney – I don’t even know her name. These people are just violating their oath to the Constitution every day, and let me set this up by letting you know that the Department of Natural Resources, who I pay their salary, the hunters, the fishermen, the trappers, and outdoor enthusiasts in Michigan pay the salary to the Department of Natural Resources. And these clowns, these idiots actually are suing me for having feral Russian boar.

Well, I don’t want to help you people out; you probably went to college. So, let the guitar player help you out. Feral is domestic livestock that has escaped. My pigs are in Sunrise Acres. They haven’t escaped. [It] means they can’t be feral. You’re suing me for something that doesn’t exist. And then they called them Russian boars. You know there’s no such species as a Russian boar. I actually saw Discovery Channel talking about the invasion of the Russian boar. They had footage of Sus! Boar isn’t a species. It’s a gender. the only Russian boars that exist are male pigs that live in Russia, but they’re suing me for having Russian boar, none of which I have.”

Nugent’s full conversation, providing a comprehensive overview of the legal dispute and more, is accessible on his official Facebook account.