Mike Patton On Faith No More’s Epic Reunion: ‘This Band Was Buried, And We Dug It Up’

In a previous interview with Metal Hammer, Mike Patton reflected on Faith No More’s 2009 reunion.

The vocalist told the following after the release of their 2015 album, ‘Sol Invictus’:

“This band was buried. And we dug it up.”

Mike’s Words On What The Band Meant To Him

Faith No More officially reunited in 2009 and played several European shows and festivals. Patton talked to ArtistDirect.com in 2010 about getting back together with the band after 12 years and what their music meant to him now. He said:

“To be honest, I never thought that I would ever revisit that stuff again. After some reflection and speaking with the guys, I realized, ‘Well, wait a minute. I’m not embarrassed about it [laughs]. It’s still good music! Is there a way that we can still pull it off and do it justice?’ So we rehearsed! When we rehearsed, I realized this is good and I feel great about it.”

He also mentioned the public interest in them:

“Basically, there’s more interest in us now than when we were an active band, which is really strange, kind of haunting and maybe a bit morbid, but it also inspired us.”

Faith No More Didn’t Want Their Reunion To Be A Money Grab

In a 2012 conversation with IHeartGuitarBlog.com, the singer revealed that one reason the Faith No More reunion took a while was that they didn’t want it to feel like just a trip down memory lane:

“We wanted it to feel fresh and still somehow vital. It wasn’t an money grab. It’s funny to say, but we all kind of reconnected, and after quite a long time we all kinda looked at each other and were like, ‘Man, we actually spent half of our lives together.’ It’s interesting to see it through that set of glasses as opposed to the ones you wore back then. I suppose, at least personally speaking, I’ve grown up a lot since then, and I think I approach the music differently, and I felt better about the music than I did then.”

The group rescheduled most of their tour dates because of COVID-19. Additional shows in September 2021 got also cancelled, as Patton cited mental health reasons. Patton also revealed in a 2022 interview that he hasn’t spoken to the other band members since the cancellations. The band’s future is uncertain.